One Star Wars Canon to Rule Them All

From The Hollywood Reporter

Leland Chee, who works with Lucasfilm’s story group, has been tweeting about changes to the way that Lucasfilm approaches Star Wars canon in the future. “Star Wars Canon is now determined by the Lucasfilm Story Group which [Pablo Hidalgo] and I are both a part of,” Chee tweeted on Sunday.

The story group, he explained, “has a hand in all facets of Star Wars storytelling, including movies, TV, games and publishing.” When asked what the change meant, he wrote that “a primary goal” was to ensure that there was no hierarchy between the movies and spinoff material, but instead one cohesive canon across the entire franchise, adding that “more so than ever, the canon field will serve us internally simply for classification rather than setting hierarchy.”

It’s about time.  With all the books, comics, cartoons, etc., it was hard to determine what was the official Star Wars story outside of the movies.  What does this mean for all the materials that have already been created though?

Blacker Than Night Were The Eyes of ‘Felina’


It was good – really good – but not great and that’s okay.

In ‘Felina,’ creator Vince Gilligan (who wrote and directed the finale) gave us a final episode that crossed all the t’s and dotted all the i’s.  No sudden fade to black. No ambiguous ending with our “hero” walking into the sunset for further adventures we aren’t privy to. Given all the clues that had been laid out before us, it ended rather predictably. The ricin is who you think it’s for.  The machine gun is who you think it’s for.  There were a couple of great character moments particularly one with Walt finally admitting his true motivations for everything he’s done but after the episode ended, my mind wasn’t blown.  I didn’t need a moment to collect my thoughts or catch my breath.  I was just like, “Sigh. It’s over.”  I was merely satisfied and that’s okay.

I realized halfway through the episode that writers had done something that I didn’t think was possible – they made us root for Walt one last time.  I almost forgot that we used to want Walt to get away with everything. In Uncle Jack, Todd and the Neo Nazis, they created villains that despite everything Walt did throughout the show, we hated them even more. Walt found himself temporarily redeemed by squashing a less creative evil.

Season 5 of Breaking Bad will still go down as the best final season of a drama in my book. However, the best conclusion to a dramatic seriePos still belongs to The Shield. I still think about the final two episodes – “Possible Kill Screen” and “Family Meeting” – five years later. I don’t think I’ll feel the same way about “Felina.” If the series had ended with “Ozymandias,” I might have ranked it above the The Shield. If Breaking Bad was a present, “Ozymandias” was the actual gift, “Granite State” was the pretty wrapping paper and “Felina” was the bow. You would have been more than happy just getting the gift handed to you but you still appreciate the effort of making it look nice.