Guess who’s back…

Ok, I STILL haven’t seen Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones but from what I am hearing I am absolutely going to love/hate it. Everyone who loves it pretty ignore the fact that there apparently isn’t any acting what-so-ever for the fact that after 25 years we get to see some Jedis whip some ass.

I think I will see it out in California at the famous Mann’s Theater barring my companions whilst I am out there.

But I did see the movie I really wanted to see…

About A Boy

While it completely changed the ending of the book into something cute and silly, I understood what they were trying to do and they kept the heart of the novel in the screenplay.

It’s a shame this movie came out the same week as Star Wars. I know the premise of counter programming but they didn’t even try to advertise this movie to get it into the public consciousness. This movie, released in November, would have made an easy 100 million and got somebody in that movie nominated for some acting award (most likely Hugh Grant). But, they fucked up a perfectly good opportunity.

According of, more then 90% of critics gave it a favorable review.

What a waste.

-So Bush/FBI/CIA knew to some extent.


They were pretty quick to finger Osama Bin Laden for something they had no foreknowledge of. His name came up with hours of the Twin Towers attack.

More proof they knew? The alleged “20th Hijacker” was arrested before 9-11 because of his suspicious flight school training.

Mark Thursday down in you calendars…it’s Democrat Christmas

They are gonna tear him apart.

I can see the Election 2003 ads now.

“Democratic Party: We didn’t know”

Of course, Bush and the Republican’s defense was that Clinton received a similar warning when he was president.


But in 1994, almost 10 years ago.

Nice try

Also, how come every time Bush or Ashcroft are under criticism, we are issued a major terror warning.

Bush II is gonna be a one-term president like his father if he doesn�t start watching Wag the Dog.

Ben Affleck as Daredevil

The funniest shit I’ve seen in awhile (requires Quicktime and speakers)


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