R.I.P. iPod Ver. 2.0

Wednesday, I was delighted to receive a $200 iTunes gift certificate from my boss. I started to buy music and transfer it onto my iPod still contemplating the possibilities…

Then, it happened.

Not noticing that my iPod had been plugged in correctly, it died in the process and I was greeted with a series of error messages.

When I turned my iPod on again, it was empty


21 GB of music.

Over 3,000 songs imported over the last year.


I felt like a family member had died and my girlfriend broke up with me during the funeral.

I almost wanted to go home sick for the day.

For anyone who has an iPod and uses it to its fullest capacity, they know how much work goes into it.

Most people just load their music and listen to it never really exploring the potential of iPod/iTunes.

I had some 30 playlists for every whim I might want, such as…

“Paisley Park”

“Adventures in Neo-Soul”

“Prince vs. Michael Jackson”

“No Skips Allowed”

(yes, I realize how corny I am)

I just don’t have the energy to do all that again.

At least not yet…

So for now I say goodbye.

Goodbye to the 90’s songs I’ll never find again, playlists that got me through days of work and rough nights of sleep.

Until I fuck this up again.


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