Movie of the Week: Walk The Line

First of all, if Joaquin Phoenix (who claims to have never have sang or played guitar) & Reese Witherspoon (who, sometimes, sounded BETTER than the original) could sing all of Johnny Cash & June Carter’s songs and not hurt the movie, there’s no reason that Jamie Foxx couldn’t have done the same. We know he CAN do a good Ray Charles singing voice.

Anyway, it was a great movie. Everyone was on their A-game. Joaquin & Reese should be nominated for Oscars, Golden Globes and People’s Choice Awards. And dare I say, Robert “T-1000” Patrick might swing a nomination too.

I think Reese Witherspoon is underappreciated as an actress. But, once you do Legally Blonde 2, you leave yourself open for hate.

If you come to this movie expecting to find out about Johnny Cash and how he made such damn good music, you’ll be disappointed.

Don’t get me wrong. There’s plenty of music (can I once again mention Reese Witherspoon sounded really good?)

This movie was about Johnny Cash’s endless pursuit of June Carter.

It was like they went through Johnny Cash’s two biographies (which I want to read now) and filmed all the chapters that mentioned June Carter.


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