Movie of the Week (Pt. II): King Kong

Let’s be honest.

If Peter Jackson did a shot-for-shot remake of that movie, it would be torn apart by critics as shallow.

Jackson and crew fleshed out Ann, fleshed out Denham and most importantly fleshed out Kong a character not just a big ape.

Naomi Watts was amazing. I am starting to believe that she doesn’t know how to bad in a movie.

Jack Black was okay as Carl Denham. It was hard to get past the fact that it was Jack Black but he sold Denham’s despicable nature.

The F/X on Kong were nothing short of amazing. There needs to be an award for motion capture work just so Andy Serkis can get the proper recognition.

It didn’t feel like a three hour movie but it could have been cut short.


One thought on “Movie of the Week (Pt. II): King Kong

  1. Ok, in case you didn’t get my text earlier, I rate King Kong as good to slightly disappointing. Maybe I was expecting too much, but:

    a) I loved Kong and his interaction with the humans, especially Naomi Watts. You found yourself rooting for the big ape.

    b) Jack Black was pretty bad, I thought. He started off ok, then the moment he got on the ship, it was downhill.

    c) Damn movie was too long – really could have cut it short by an hour. 2 unnecessary scenes come rushing into mind: the battle with the bugs in the ravine, and the ice skating scene. WTF.

    d) After seeing all the attention to detail that Peter Jackson and crew paid in LOTR, the glaring lack of this same attention in Kong was disturbing me. Maybe I’m being nitpicky but it’s the dead of winter, Naomi Watts is wearing only a dress, she’s up on top of the Empire Friggin State Building, and you don’t even see her breath, to say the least? She didn’t even look the slightest bit cold. And after being kidnapped, dragged through the ocean, sacrificed in the rain, dragged through the jungle, and fought over by a giant primate and 3 dinosaurs, the girl still has perfectly clean clothes and permed hair. And someone please tell me how they got Kong onto that little rickety ship please?

    Anyways, I loved the scenes with the ape, I thought he was great, but there were just too many plot holes for me.

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