Movie of the Week: M:I:3

First of all, I liked it better than the previous two Mission: Impossible films.

The first two were exercises in style by two famous directors (De Palma and Woo).

This one was just a straight summer blockbuster.

Actually, it wasn’t even that.

It was J.J. Abrams’ soon to be cancelled “Alias” starring Tom Cruise (instead of Jennifer Garner) and given a 125 million dollar budget. He even reused certain character archetypes (Laurence Fishburne was Jack Bristow and Simon Pegg was Marshall)

Which I don’t have a problem with because I love “Alias” (well, at least the first two seasons, now I just watch it out of habit).

On a side note, everytime I told a woman (except the one I saw it with) that I was going to see or had seen M:I:3, they cringed in revulsion. “Ew, I hate Tom Cruise. He’s weird.”

Did I miss something? Did Tom Cruise eat a baby in front of a million people or something?

So what he’s weird? I shouldn’t know that much about his private life anyway.

It’s a shame because this is a good summer flick.


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