Movie of The Week: The Da Vinci Code

So despite the awful reviews, I decided to catch the matinee (Sorry, Erwin)

It wasn’t as bad as the reviews made it sound.

It wasn’t a GREAT movie but it was good.

Granted, I did not read the book so there was still an element of surprise (or whatever surprise was left after the reviews had pretty much spoiled the crux of the story).

A couple of thoughts:

  • Audrey Tatou is not as good an actress in English
  • Portions of this movie looked like a special on The History Channel. Ron Howard owes them some money.
  • Ian McKellen made this movie.
  • Tom Hanks was miscast. He was just going through the motions. His presence hurt the movie more than anything else because we have come to expect great performances from him and this was the first movie I have seen that I did not like him in (No, I haven’t seen The Terminal yet)

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