Movie of the Week Pt. II: Over The Hedge

It was a great family movie with enough adult references to warrant childless folks to go see it. All the voices were great, especially Steve Carrell as Hammy – shock-surprise – but it made me wonder why Jim Carrey doesn’t do animation voice work because he would be great for it.

Anyway, instead of getting into specifics about the movie, I would like to use this post to address a huge pet peeve of mine:

Toddlers at the movies.

No, I do not have children. So let me get that right out of the way.

My friend and I got into the theater and immediately I saw a kid in a stroller (ARE YOU SERIOUS?) so I said, “Let’s sit as far away from that stroller as possible”. I left to get a soda and I come back and a two parents and what I’m guessing by size and lack of verbal skills a 2-3 year old girl. It was so much worst. She wasn’t even watching the movie. She was fussing THE WHOLE TIME. Eventually crying which sent a crying ripple throughout the entire theater and set off a couple of other kids crying.

It was my own fault. I broke the number one rule when it comes to seeing a kids movie: Go after 10 PM.

I’m not saying that children should not be allowed to go into the movies, especially a movie aimed at their demographic.

But, c’mon parents, use your best judgment.

If they are too young to ASK to see it…

If they are too young to REMEMBER ever seeing it…

If you cannot recall the last time they sat still for 90 minutes without being asleep, eating or in front of a TV (not the same as a movie because they are up close and have the OPTION to leave)…

If they do not understand the concept of “Shhhhh”…

You are just going to have to take them to the park or wait until it comes out on video so they can make you watch it seven trillion times.

I know this makes me sound like a crochety old man but the movie theater is not a day care center*

* I reserve the right to forget I ever felt this way if I have children.


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