Movie of The Week: Nacho Libre

Hm. This is a tough one.

Did you like Napoleon Dynamite? You’ll probably like this but it’s not as good nor as wacky. There is actually a plot (if anyone actually knows what the plot of Napoleon Dynamite is, please let me know)

Do you like Jack Black? Then you’ll love this movie. This is really his showcase. It was funny because there were a few moments where Nacho Libre Jack Black would turn into Tenacious D Jack Black (The “Encarnación” song before the last fight was classic and made me angry that there was not a soundtrack that featured that song)

Héctor Jiménez as Esqueleto was great as Nacho’s tag team partner.

The wrestling was fun at first but then got boring after awhile.

Actually, so did the movie. It really dragged in the middle.

I wish Hollywood wasn’t afraid to make a 70-80 minute movie.


One thought on “Movie of The Week: Nacho Libre

  1. i don’t like the orphans. i hate them. i hate all the orphans in the world!

    i liked it more after talking about it with my sister. i was in tears though when the big girl started crawling through the hole in the wall.

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