Movie of the Week Pt. 2: Click

I know it wasn’t on the list but…

I actually liked it. I don’t know why I’m surprised.
No matter how bad they seem on paper, there’s always something amusing – even on the crudest of levels – about Adam Sandler flicks. There is not one Adam Sandler movie I have ever seen that I really hated and wouldn’t watch again if it wasn’t on cable (I still haven’t seen 50 First Dates or Mr. Deeds or that animated Hanukkah flick)

It was funny but towards the end it got really depressing.

You could feel the audience-vibe saying “Bring back the funny.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if some people cried.

Still I enjoyed it.

Maybe I’ll add 50 First Dates to my Netflix queue.

Side note: When did Kate Beckinsale go from indie girl with a British accent to eye candy? I guess it was Pearl Harbor.


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