Movie of the Week Pt. 2: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

Johnny Depp was really good. That ended up being a huge problem.

Talk about a movie I really wanted to like that let me down.

  • The first thing I thought as I looked over to my movie going companions and saw THREE of them sleeping (granted we saw the 10:15 PM show but we would have never slept through the first one), I ask again…Why is Hollywood afraid to make a 90-105 minute movie? This movie was too long. I mean, I seriously believe this movie could be a whole hour shorter and not suffer much in the way of character development (wait, there wasn’t any) or plot.
  • For a movie based on a Disney ride, this movie was incredibly dark. Should we blame Empire Strikes Back for making every 2nd movie in a trilogy dark as hell.There were too many cheap references to the first movie in order to generate a laugh. My friends and I always joke, “But why is the rum gone?” After they refer to that one line at least 5 times, it’s not funny anymore.
  • Do you know how good Johnny Depp was in this movie? When he wasn’t on the scene, everyone took a nap, went to the bathroom or went to get popcorn. The entire Will Turner portion movie…when are they going to realize NO ONE CARES ABOUT THIS CHARACTER. We’re all here to see Captain Jack Sparrow. And with the way this movie ended, it’s going to be a rough start for part three.

I can’t believe how much money this movie made. I mean it didn’t suck but it was unnecessarily bloated.


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