Movie of the Week: Clerks II

I’m in love with Rosario Dawson again.

I know what you are thinking. How could you not be in love with Rosario Dawson? Easy, she broke the number one rule of Sean’s Rules of Attraction For Famous People (future post), “You have to be good at your chosen profession.” Just because you look good doesn’t mean you have to be an actor or an actress or a singer. You could just be a model or a hot Blockbuster employee (Hot retail employees > hot actress and singers). But if you are going to enter thoses fields, don’t be shitty about it. Nothing is worse* than an actor/actress/singer where the only reason they are allowed to continue in their profession is how they look (Yeah, I’m looking at you, Halle).

Anyway, after Alexander, I had to admit that Rosario Dawson is no longer attractive. Sin City started to pull her out but Clerks II made her hot again.

She had the most difficult job: convince the viewers that someone who looks like Rosario Dawson would be attracted to and maybe in love with someone who looks like Dante Hicks. And she made it work.

Oh, yeah. The movie was hilarious. Anyone who thinks Kevin Smith sold out is sorely mistaken as Clerks II is more visually and verbally graphic than ANY of Kevin Smith’s films and this is without major contributions of Jay and Silent Bob. Basically, if you loved Clerks, aside from the sappy ending, there is no reason not to love this movie. But if this is the first Kevin Smith movie you are seeing, be warned. I can’t remember a movie where the word “cock” flew around so much.

Considering all the crap the MPAA decides is dirty, how this movie escaped an NC-17 rating amazes me.

Oh, and I’m going to have to side with Dante. You never go ass to mouth.

*Yes, aside from Cancer, AIDS and world famine


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