Lost Season 3: "A Tale of Two Cities"

I know I’m late but with the Yankees out of the playoffs so soon I have plenty of time to do this. I’m going comment, question, whine and drool over this season of Lost. Spoilers go without saying.

What I Liked:

  • Great opening. Better than last season’s opener with Desmond. I knew they were on the island but it was great seeing the plane crash from their perspective and seeing Henr…I mean…Ben take charge immediately.
  • As much as I like the mythology and mystery surrounding Lost, I think I prefer the character studies more. I felt this was one of the better flashbacks in terms of how it related to the characters current situation. I feel like Jack could possibly change. Which is good because he’s a dick.
  • The breakfast with Kate and Ben. I’m glad that Ben is going to continue to be as creepy as he was in Season Two.
  • Elizabeth Mitchell as Juliet. She is a great addition to the cast and clearly is going to have something with Jack this season.

What I didn’t like:

  • There wasn’t anything I really disliked but if I had to pick something I would say the Sawyer in the cage portions of the episode.


  • I guess Goodwin and Ethan were the two deceased infiltrators’ real names
  • We know what drove Jack’s father back to the bottle
  • Considering the CD, CDs, ovens and, oh yeah, Jack’s entire history in a file, The Others have contact with the outside world
  • Walt was right. The whole “Others” act was just that an act.
  • Kate looks great in a dress
  • The Others are responsible somehow for the bears that attacked Walt and Sawyer in season one and the shark that stalked Michael and Sawyer in season two.
  • Henry Gale’s real name is Ben. How anti-climatic. Why couldn’t be something menacing like Rasputin?
  • There’s a Hydra station.


  • Obviously, what is the deal with The Others? Are the know longer connect to the Dharma Initiative as Juliet hints?
  • What was the relationship between Ben and Juliet? Obviously, there was a reason he wasn’t invited to the book club in the beginning and, whatever it was, I’m sure it worse since he was willing to let her drown with Jack in the aquarium.
  • Is Mr. Friendly gay or is there some sort of Others stick with their own type credo behind him telling Kate she’s not his type? (Making the potential Jack/Juliet pairing even more interesting…plus her name is Juliet)
  • Why was Karl locked up across from Sawyer? Was he a plant to elicit information and reactions from Sawyer or did he actually do something?
  • What happened to Kate from the time she had breakfast with Ben to the time she was brought to the cage? When she reached out for the biscuit that Sawyer threw, her wrist were deeply bruised as if she was struggling to free herself.
  • What is there left to find out about Jack’s backstory?

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