Lost Season 3: "The Glass Ballerina"

So far, so good…

What I Liked:

  • I can see why Ben singled out Jack as the one to try and turn. Sawyer and Kate are fighters.
  • Oh my God! Trixie from Deadwood!!! I was excited until Sun shot her. Someone else hire her.
  • I feel like they really aren’t holding back with information regarding The Others after two seasons of almost nothing
  • Alex!
  • Sawyer using kissing Kate as an excuse to size up The Others
  • Kate doing manual labor (I would have kissed her too)
  • Jin not being as dumb as Sayid and Sun think he is
  • Sawyer: “You taste like strawberries”
    Kate: “You taste like fish cookies”

What I didn’t like:

  • Did Sayid not know that Jin was pregnant? Has he taken up the “dickhead” mantle in Jack’s absence?
  • Why does everyone, including his wife, continue to talk in front of Jin in English like he’s retarded? He was already picking up words from Michael and body language is as big an indicator as language.
  • Even though there was more action per se, this episode felt a little slower.
  • Sayid must have been a horrible soldier. He does not have “home field advantage”. He shouldn’t have assumed that he had the only way onto the beach covered. The Others have shown themselves more than adapt to go wherever the hell they want and not be seen.
  • I wish Sun didn’t shoot Colleen (aforementioned Trixie). Deadwood‘s been cancelled and she needs the work.
  • After all the smarts Sawyer showed in sizing up his captors, he was stupid speak his observations so loudly.
  • That I had to re-live the Red Sox winning the fucking World Series on my favorite TV show.


  • Henry’s full name (Benjamin Linus)
  • The whole island is outfitted with cameras
  • The odds that Sun is carrying Jin’s baby are slim to none
  • Time does pass normally on the island as it does in the real world (unless Ben is lying)
  • They have been on the island for 66 days.
  • Ben has been on the island his whole life (unless Ben is lying)
  • Juliet never made Ben soup


  • Again, what was the relationship between Ben and Juliet before the plane crash?
  • Ben’s been there all his life? Was he born there? What about everyone else who appears younger than him?
  • Where are all the kids they kidnapped from the Tallies?
  • What does Ben want Jack to do and will he do it?
  • Did Jae commit suicide or did Sun’s father send backup in case Jin punked out?
  • If The Others are “the good guys”, why have they killed or tried to kill so many? What is their definition of “good”?
  • Why hasn’t Alex (the girl Kate was talking to) tried to find her mother, Danielle, the crazy French lady?
  • Was Karl imprisoned for helping Alex get away?
  • Where is Karl now?
  • What’s left to tell in Sun and Jin’s backstory?

One thought on “Lost Season 3: "The Glass Ballerina"

  1. i think the pearls in his hand indicate that he committed suicide. i thoroughly enjoyed last night’s episode.

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