Lost Season 3: "Further Instructions"

You’ve been missed, John.

What I Liked:

  • Locke is back! The Hunter, not the Whiny baby.
  • Boone!
  • The trippy airport scene (it reminded me of the UK promo for the first season of Lost). Great metaphor with Ben, as the “baggage handler” (get it?), examining Jack while Sawyer and Kate flirt on the side.
  • Hurley’s back! “Dude”
  • Charlie had some great lines:
    • “You’re not taking drugs are you John? I only ask because of this strict zero tolerance policy you’ve enacted. I wouldn’t want you to have to start punching yourself in the face.”
    • “I used to get high and watch nature programs on the Beeb.”
    • “You are aware John that I detest you?”
  • This episode felt more like old school Lost

What I didn’t like:

  • The backstory was okay. We get it. Locke is sucker. But now we now he’s a hypocrite too in regard to Charlie
  • I missed Ben and Juliet (that will be solved next week it appears)
  • How they chose to introduce the two new Losties, Paulo and Nikki.

What We Learned:

  • What happened to Locke, Desmond and Mr. Eko
  • What became of the Hatch (it imploded)
  • Where the other bear has been since he tried to eat Walt.
  • Locke is a bit of a hypocrite when it comes to drugs


  • What is the nature and source of Desmond’s prophetic new talent?
  • Boone’s comments regarding Claire, Charlie and Aaron – “They’re okay…for now”
  • How did Locke, Desmond and Mr. Eko survive the implosion of the Hatch?
  • Where is the smoke monster? I was rewatching some of the first season and remember when it was knocking trees down ALL THE TIME. Did he get bored?
  • Why did the polar bear kill an animal for food, leave it, return to it, chase Charlie and Locke but only drag Mr. Eko back to his cave but didn’t even eat a toe?
  • Who’s toy truck was that in the polar bear’s cave?
  • How did Hurley make it back to that side of the island so fast?
  • How long will it take Sayid, jin and Sun to do the same?
  • After Locke almost killed Hurley, is every major character going to be accidentally killed by another?
  • Did Eko really wake up or was the island talking to Locke?
  • Why is Charlie such a twat?
  • Is the island really have some mystical properties? I mean we all thought Locke was a bit off when he was hunting for the hatch and all in season one but his “sweat lodge” gave him a clear vision of what was going on all over the island and the polar bear.
  • Is the show going to spend time with either the castaways or the Others or will the episodes be more intregrated?

3 thoughts on “Lost Season 3: "Further Instructions"

  1. why did mike the pot guy look so familiar?

    wasn’t charlie near the hatch when it imploded? my memory is fuzzy but i recall seeing him run from an explosion.

    i had more questions but i forgot them. i didn’t want to disturb you last night.

  2. Charlie was the only one to actually exit the hatch and if it imploded like Desomnd said, it wouldn’t ave affected him (although it doesn’t explain why the hatch door blew into the sky)

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