Lost Season 3: "Every Man For Himself"

You got served, Sawyer.

What I Liked:

  • The interactions between Jack and Juliet. I like that Jack is finally getting his backbone back.
  • On the opposite end, Sawyer totally got his balls taken away from him.
  • Once again, Ben can break anyone. I hope it’s Kate’s turn next.
  • Two Deadwood folks on one episode (Paula Malcomson as Colleen and Kim Dickens as Cassidy).
  • Even though I knew the pacemaker was fake (they couldn’t operate on a gunshot wound, I doubt they could do heart surgery), it was funny seeing Sawyer’s heart rate go up while Kate was changing (who’s wouldn’t?)

What I didn’t like:

  • The backstories are becoming more and more useless. This one was okay but again, if we didn’t have it, I wouldn’t have been mad.
  • How they are treating the new castaways like they’ve always been there and we just haven’t noticed.
  • I didn’t want Colleen to die. Not because of the character but because Paula Malcomson is such a great actress and it seems like such a waste.

What We Learned:

  • Sawyer went to prison for the con he pulled in “The Long Con” episode
  • Sawyer has a daughter named Clementine
  • Juliet was a fertility doctor
  • Ben can still manipulate the hell out of anyone
  • There are TWO islands which explains why the castaways having a boat made them nervous
  • Why they need Jack
  • Desmond can still see into the future and change it as he sees fit
  • Kate is more important to Sawyer than Sawyer is to Sawyer
  • Ben hates needles


  • Again, what is the nature of Desmond’s prescience?
  • Where was Locke and Eko?
  • Who’s X-rays were those?
  • Is operating on whomever’s spinal tumor that is the “favor” Ben wants to ask of Jack?
  • How did the castaways never notice another island?
  • What side of the island is the second island on?
  • Is the little Others community we saw in the first episode on this second island or is it on the one with the castaways?
  • Why do they need Kate and Sawyer?
  • Considering her field, did Juliet also attend to Claire when she was in captivity?
  • What happens when the Others find out Sun is pregnant?
  • Can The Others have children? Is that why they keep trying to steal them?
  • Is Ben trying to spark something between Juliet and Jack?
  • Was Kate lying when she told Sawyer she didn’t really love him?
  • How long will it take Sayid, Jin and Sun to get back to the beach?
  • Will Danny take revenge on the castaways of Colleen’s death?

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