Lost Season 3: "The Cost of Living"

Don’t drink and drive, kids

What I Liked:

  • Aw, damn, Mr. Eko
  • Locke’s new “Anyone who wants to come into the forest and die, can come” regime
  • Again, I love Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet)
  • Ben’s mea culpa to Jack about their plan to break Jack to make him want to operate on Ben’s tumor
  • Juliet’s re-enactment of INXS’ “Mediate” music video (“Ignore everything I’m saying. Ben is a liar and he is very dangerous. Some of us want a change, but it has to look like an accident. It has to look like we tried to save him, and that’s up to you, Jack. It’s a complicated surgery. No one would ever know and I would protect you. Now tell me to turn off the movie.”)
  • Smokey’s back!

What I didn’t like:

  • What was the point of having the tail end survivors?
  • I hate that if we know in advance that a character is going to die and a character has their flashback, it’s pretty much a given that character is proper fucked.
  • I still don’t like how the new castaways are being introduced.
  • I’ll never get tired of thinking this but how much better and shocking would the deaths be with ABC didn’t advertise them?
  • This was my least favorite episode this season (not that it was a bad episode). Even though a lot happened, I felt like nothing happened.

What We Learned:

  • The tumor Jack saw last episode was Ben’s
  • Mr. Eko is…er…was building a church to replace the one he desecrated
  • The reason Ben brought Jack to the Others was to operate on his tumor
  • Mr. Eko was mighty handy with a machete
  • How the the pilot died in the first episode of Lost
  • There’s another hatch on the island we haven’t seen
  • There are Others who aren’t down with however Ben operates
  • Juliet wants Jack to help her kill Ben
  • If you are a cast member and you get arrested, call your agent.


  • Did Desmond know that Eko was going to die?
  • Where was Sun and Jin?
  • Who’s telling the truth – Ben or Juliet?
  • Did the smoke monster take the form of Yemi? Is it the source of all unexplained hallucinations (Jack’s dad, Hurley’s imaginary friend)?
  • What is the smoke monster’s criteria for killing?
  • Was the smoke monster going to kill Locke when it grabbed him at the season finale of season one?
  • Who is the one-eyed man?
  • Where is the hatch they saw on the video screen?
  • Where does the water from that toliet go?
  • Why do they need Kate and Sawyer?
  • Why did Locke see a bright light and Mr. Eko a black column of smoke? Is the island racist? OR are there two monsters?
  • When Mr. Eko told Locke “You’re next”, did he mean the group or Locke?

4 thoughts on “Lost Season 3: "The Cost of Living"

  1. c’mon, buddy. you know the island is racist! this episode was really good to me. i just don’t understand the plot logic of killing eko. is it because he still wouldn’t confess? and how about what he said to locke? “we’re next.” i was like, “oh sh*t!” this episode was great.

  2. I think the only reason I wasn’t feeling it that much was the second I saw Eko’s flashback start, I knew he was a dead man. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje asked be written off so I think they did what they could in the context of his story and the general plot. Yeah, looks like the island is angry. Why did the monster kill thr pilot?

  3. i don’t know. i really need to get the season 1 & 2 dvds so i can rewatch some episodes. when charlie and the gang went to the cockpit and they heard the monster, didn’t they see a shadow of something walking? i guess that could be the smoke. and all of eko’s injuries, they were all from the hatch blast? you know what i think? i think those little orphan kids dragged eko to the cave. oh and on ew someone theorized that ben and juliet are siblings. could be…could be not.

  4. After reading your first few sets of observations, I thought “huh, were we watching the same show?” I’m usually distracted when watching Lost (unless it’s on DVD), so it’s no wonder I was making less connections… or I’m just dumb.

    My impression was that the smoke monster takes the form of some people. And you’re right, the new castaways are just thrown in a sloppy manner, but can you think of a better way. We’ve known since season 1 that there are a lot of castaways who are not in the core cast.

    Not my favorite episode of the season, but not the worst. I like the mindgames.

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