Lost Season Three: "I Do"


What I Liked:

  • I know people who are going to complain about not getting answers, but damn that was just some damn good television.
  • Hi. I’m Jack. I went to medical school. I’m not as stupid as you think. Seriously, it was good to see Jack not be an idiot and take everything he gets at face value which has been his biggest problem. He didn’t believe he was ever getting off tthe island so he did the only good thing he thought he could do which was get his friends free from The Others.
  • Nathan Fillon (Mal from Firefly and Serenity) as Kate’s husband. Why couldn’t he be stuck on the island?
  • I loved the looks Juliet was giving Jack during surgery like “So are we killing him or what?”
  • I hate to keep saying this but DAMN, Kate is fit!
  • You have to feel bad for Jack. His two viable options for island sex – Ana Lucia and Kate – and Sawyer had sex with them both. If he had decided to do the surgery to get off the island, could you blame him?
  • I will admit that for a split second, I believed Sawyer was a dead man. That last scene was probably the best acting Evangeline Lilly has done this entire series.
  • All the people who have been unhappy with Lost and keep saying that they aren’t going to watch the show anymore but keep coming back to complain, here’s your chance. You have 13 weeks to get used to not watching Lost. Find something else to do from 9-10 PM. So the rest of us who aren’t crying about not getting answers week after week and just seeing how the show is going to play out without any preconceived notions about what should happen and when we should be getting information can enjoy the show and the rest of you can talk about Criminal Minds or The O.C. You’ll be missed*.

What I didn’t like:

  • I can tell why the producer added more characters (The Others, Nikki, Paulo, One-eyed dude) because the current characters flashbacks are useless. We get it. Jack needs to be in control. Sawyer’s a con man. Kate needs to run. Locke is a sap. However, the one good thing is with the exception of Jack (his tattoos), Locke (how he got in the wheelchair) and Desmond (why he was in prison), everyone feels expendable because there’s nothing let to learn about the rest of them.
  • Not enough castaway action
  • Our two new castaways didn’t have any lines.
  • I know Kate was freaking out because Sawyer was thisclose to being shot and Jack was yelling at her, but she couldn’t have said “Jack, we’re on an island. I’m gonna need more than two hours”

What We Learned:

  • Kate was married to a cop under the name of Monica
  • Kate probably traded in her honeymoon tickets (on Oceanic Airlines) to get to Australia
  • Sawyer loves Kate.


  • What was with Kate’s 50’s hair stylings in her flashback?
  • Who was Alex’s boyfriend? Karl from the first episode of this season?
  • How did Kate get a marriage license?
  • Does Kate really love Sawyer? If Kate was in a cage opposite Jack, would she have slept with him? Is Kate with Sawyer because she has nowhere else to run?
  • Did Jack mean for only Kate to escape because he never once mentions Sawyer over the walkie talkie? Will Sawyer remember than when/if their paths cross again?
  • What happened to the 2 “unpleasant” weeks Ben promised Kate during their breakfast in the first episode of this season? Was that a part of his original plan before Juliet screwed it up?
  • Why was Ben curious if Alex asked for him? What is their relationship? And why did Juliet lie?
  • What the odds of one man (Sawyer) having sex with two attractive women on a semi-deserted island from the same plane crash?
  • What did the saying on Eko’s stick, “Lift up your eyes and look north”, mean to Locke?
  • Who is Jacob? What is this “List”? Why wasn’t Jack on it?
  • Wouldn’t it be funny if Jack did the surgery on Ben and he was successful and they just dropped him off on the other island and Ben was like, “I kept my promise”?

*No, you won’t


3 thoughts on “Lost Season Three: "I Do"

  1. I’m going to give ‘Daybreak’ a shot for a couple of weeks and if that doesn’t work out, I’ll either catch up on the shows I missed on Monday or read some books.

  2. i’m gonna go shopping. my wednesdays are shot to hell now from 8-10 especially with top model sucking so badly.

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