Movie of the Week: Fast Food Nation

What a good time to give up fast food.

This Richard Linklater film based on Eric Schlosser book (they both co-wrote the screenplay) was all over the place.

It covers:

  • The fast food industry
  • The meat packing industry
  • Immigration
  • Expoilted immigrant workers
  • Misguided activism

All the actors were good especially Greg Kinnear (although his character was a little too naive), Catalina Sandino Moreno (Maria Full Of Grace) and Ashley Johnson (I can’t believe that’s the same little girl from Growning Pains). Also, cameos by Bruce Willis and Linklater staple, Ethan Hawke were great.

But again, this movie was ALL OVER THE PLACE. For awhile, it felt like a collection of scenes instead of a movie. Then Kinnear leaves the film (not a knock on him) and the movie hunkers down and gets better.

Now, for the warning, the last 5 minutes of the film are BRUTAL. Don’t eat anything especially red meat before seeing this movie because it may come back for an encore. It was just…disgusting. After we got out the theater, some old lady was handing out PETA flyers. Definately a smart move on their part.


One thought on “Movie of the Week: Fast Food Nation

  1. I went to see this with my family. During that scene on the kill floor, I was like “Maybe we should’ve gone to see Happy Feet instead.” This was definitely all over the place, but not as talky as Linklater films tend to be. I couldn’t believe that was the little girl from Growing Pains either, or that Patricia Arquette played her mom.

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