Movie of the Week Part II: Pan’s Labyrinth

What an amazing, beautiful, sad movie.

I can’t wait to see it again.

There are not enough adjectives to describe how great this movie was.

Everyone was great especially Ariadna Gil (Carmen), Maribel Verdú (Mercedes) and Sergi López (Capitán Vidal).

I don’t know what Guillermo del Toro obsession with creating these stories centering around children with the Spanish civil war (The Devil’s Backbone) as the backdrop, but I hope it never ends.

I knew this wasn’t a children’s flick per se but I was surprised at how graphic some of the violence was. Seriously, if someone took their kids to this film (like under 13) at best they’d have nightmares for weeks, at worst, therapy. It doesn’t matter because the tale of a child escaping real life through imagination and fantasy never gets old at any age.


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