Confessions, Part III

So did I ever you about the time I was paid to dress up as Blade?

I posted some of these pictures on my MySpace page promising never to tell this tale. But I’m bored and have nothing else to talk about.

The Roommate used to work at Spike TV and, as you may or may not remember, they had a TV version of Blade starring Kirk “Sticky Fingerz” Jones.

Yeah, it didn’t last long.

Anyway, so last May, The Roommate sends me an instant message

[16:07] The Roommate: do you want to make $600 dollars for a weekend at Wizard World in Philly?
[16:07] The Roommate: you just have to have a place to stay and get yourself down there
[16:08] Melanism: I’m intrigued
[16:08] Melanism: do tell
[16:09] The Roommate: J–n just called me…they want someone to dress up like Blade…they ahve the sword, they have the glasses, they have the backpack
[16:09] The Roommate: they just want someone to act like their a comic book fan
[16:10] The Roommate: and dress up like Blade
[16:10] Melanism: HAHAHAHAHA
[16:10] The Roommate: $600
[16:10] The Roommate: you have to just be the part
[16:10] The Roommate: $600
[16:10] The Roommate: haha
[16:10] The Roommate: i was like “sean!?”
[16:10] Melanism: I’m a little short to be Blade, don’t ya think
[16:10] The Roommate: nope
[16:11] The Roommate: sticky is short too
[16:11] Melanism: lol
[16:11] Melanism: which weekend
[16:11] The Roommate: you just have to walk around the convention
[16:11] The Roommate: June 2-3

Long story short, I said yes. I wore this big heavy pleather coat with a replica of Blade’s sword in the back (which kept stabbing me). I also had three metal spikes that strapped on to my leg (and kept falling out and stabbing my foot) and this other blade that I kept in my pocket (and guess what it stabbed in there?)

Anyway, it was a lot of fun. I was drained by the end of the second day because I was walking around will all that heavy shit on from 10 AM to 4 PM. Plus, I spent a lot of the money I made on comic books, transportation and Philly cheese steaks.

Anyway, here are all the pictures:

That’s Geoff Johns, comic book writer and executive producer of the show. I was told to ask enthusiastic questions that a comic book geek and a Blade fan would ask. That was easy enough. I was told later he didn’t know that they sent me and he was impressed.

Sadly enough, a lot of people thought I was the real thing.


One thought on “Confessions, Part III

  1. I don’t know why you don’t tell this story….making $600 for hanging out at a con and dressing up is pretty damn easy money.

    If i even vaguely resembled any comic book character that has ever existed, I’d do it.

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