24 Season Six: 12:00pm – 1:00pm

Body Count: 3

Advantage Bauer

Papa Bauer, that is.

That’ll do, Graem. That’ll do.

I knew something was fishy when he shot that guy unarmed so Jack couldn’t ask him any questions.

Oh, Graem, we hardly knew you.

But you shouldn’t have been so afriad to die. Confessing to Jack that you were behind the deaths of Palmer, Tony and Michelle was as much of a suicide attempt as slitting your wrists.

I was about to say 24 jumped the shark when it appeared Morris’ brother was a victim of the nuclear fallout which would have made him the third CTU techie to have a family member killed by terrorist act (Adam, who went on to play Sylar in Season Three lost his sister to the virus and Edgar in Season Four lost his mother to the fallout from the nuclear plant meltdown). Luckily for me, that was not the case. Unfortunately for Morris, he’s about to experience some torture.

Appears that the President has gotten his balls back but it also appears we have yet another duplicitous Vice President.

Also, the return of Agent Burke and the interrogation case!!!

On to the Bauer moments:

  • Good to see some Father & Son killing. For them, it’s like going fishing.
  • Apparently, Jack’s ability to protect people is well known in his family circle
  • Jack to Graem: “I’m going to kill you my way! 8 CCs!!!”
  • Papa Bauer pretty much put Jack on timeout with that look when he was about to kill Graem.

4 thoughts on “24 Season Six: 12:00pm – 1:00pm

  1. so predictable. faye called morris being the engineer and i called pops faking jack out. thank god for degrassi!

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