Lost Season Three: "Not In Portland"

“TGI Wednesday, am I right? Gonna go home, get my beer on, get my Lost on.”
– Andy from The Office

What I Liked:

  • Elizabeth Mitchell is officially the best actress on the show right now.
  • The casting: Calamity Jane from Deadwood! Mac from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia! The creepy short guy in everything who you never feel any sympathy for (OZ, 24, Homicide, etc.)
  • The look on Jack’s face when he found out there were TWO islands
  • New characters means new nicknames for Sawyer
  • “I can’t believe you fell for the old Wookie prisoner gag.” There better be a Lost flashback with Sawyer as a teenaged Star Wars geek.
  • How creepy was Ben waking up?
  • Bye Danny.

What I didn’t like:

  • I think this should have been the last episode before the break. Even though episode six had more of a dramatic ending, this one would have quieted some of the clamoring with Sawyer and Kate heading back to the island
  • Juliet’s hair. I think the only good thing about her being stuck on that island is she’s been kept away from whatever hair products she was using.
  • Jack finally asked a smart question – why didn’t they take Ben to a surgeon off the island – and right before Tom’s about to answer, of course, the surgery goes awry.

What We Learned:

  • Unlike Ben, Juliet was not born on the island. She’s from Miami.
  • Juliet Burke – medical researcher who impregnated her sister with experimental drugs.
  • Juliet was married to her boss who has a penchant for sleeping with medical researchers
  • The Others and Sawyer shoot like Stormtroopers.
  • Juliet used to be meek.
  • Mittelos Bioscience recruited her. One of her recruiters was the guy with the awful accent on Suddenly Susan. The other was Ethan Rom!
  • Alex is considered Ben’s daughter.
  • The Others have a programming room a la Clockwork Orange. (Some of the messages were “Plant a good seed and you will joyfully gather fruit,” “Everything changes,” “We are the causes of our own suffering,” “God loves you as he loved Jacob,” and “Think about your life.”
  • Juliet’s ex-husband was hit by a bus right in front of her a la Final Destination.
  • Juliet has been on the island 3 years, 2 months and 28 days.
  • Kate is more of a badass than Sawyer


  • Does Alex know about Danielle or has she always believed that Ben was her father?
  • Who else is locked up in that programming facility that they rescued Karl from?
  • What about the island is making everyone infertile if that is indeed the reason they brought Juliet to the island?
  • What was Ethan doing outside of Juliet’s sister’s apartment at the beginning of the episode?
  • Who is privately funding Mittelos Bioscience (which is an anagram for “Lost Time”)?
  • Who the hell is Jacob?
  • Why did they want Kate and Sawyer?
  • To re-ask Jack’s question, if they can get on and off the island, why didn’t they bring to a surgeon off the island?
  • Was it just a coincidence that Juliet’s husband was hit by a bus? (Ok, that one is pretty clear)
  • What was Juliet’s plan if Jack had gone along with her plan and killed Ben?
  • What is Ben’s issue with Karl, Alex’s boyfriend?
  • Is Tom gay?
  • Was Juliet’s sister the woman Jack’s father killed on the operating table when he was drunk? (Personal theory of mine)
  • Does ABC really need another Dr. Burke and Dr. Shepard?


One thought on “Lost Season Three: "Not In Portland"

  1. tom started to answer jack…”every since the sky went purple”…so i’m assuming that the hatch incident interrupted their communication with the outside world. but how long did they know about the tumor? how long have the losties been on the island again?

    that clockwork orange room was wacky.

    why did juliet’s sister apt hallway look like a bunker? who lives like that in miami? was she in a hospital? was ethan with her before juliet got there?

    tom is fa-laming!

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