24 Season Six: 1:00pm – 2:00pm / 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Body Count: 5 (not counting the people Jack led into a trap…again)

Papa Bauer’s evil knows no bounds

Jack, I am your father.

Presidential Bunker:
It seems we can’t have a Palmer presidency without either a) an assassination attempt or b) a coup. Fortunately for Baby Palmer, it appears he’s getting a two-fer. Is it wrong that I kinda hope they succeed? Nothing against Baby Palmer but if I had to chose between Baby Palmer and Powers Boothe, well…HIS NAME IS POWERS BOOTHE, C’MON! I did enjoy Lennox’s little “I quit” tantrum.

Fayed and The Nuclear Bomb:
Once again, 24 shows us that torture can work. Fayed apparently went to the same terrorist camp that Marwan from Season Five came from or maybe he read his book, “How To Escape Bauer”, because that little tunnel was straight out of the Marwan playbook. Rita was an idiot if she thought they were going to hand her 7 million, then again so was McCarthy. Morris proves that when push comes to shove (more like when drill comes to shoulder), the British will not die for innocent Americans, they’ll only “wish they were dead”.

We already covered Morris being a limey wimp. Chloe had the best line of the night: “I’m really glad Fayed didn’t kill you this morning.” I’m glad Buchanon was willing to adjust the report to Division. He’s grown so much from his auspicious beginnings as the guy who was sleeping with Michelle while Tony was getting drunk watching soccer. And I really underestimated Milo. I thought he was a dead man but he was quite resourceful in the field. Still no mole but there’s still time.

The Bauer Bunch:
With the exception of Josh, everyone seemed to take the fact that Graem was dead pretty well. Jack pretty much admitted he wanted him dead. Marilyn treated it as as afterthought and wasted no time shining those blue eyes at Jack. If everything goes according to his plan (which it won’t), Papa Bauer will have:

  • Killed his two sons (but not before guilting one into believing he killed the other)
  • Killed the President of the United States (or at least his “company” will)
  • Kidnapped his grandson.

Also, if it wasn’t clear enough, Josh has to be Jack’s son. He has the Bauer hostage gene that is so dominant in Kim. Plus, he has a sense for being lied to. Too bad he doesn’t have the Sutherland acting gene. Next week, Marilyn feels the five fingers of Jack around her throat. Good, because the last thing Jack needs is another woman who wants to talk about him about feelings in the midst of a crisis. Papa Bauer admitted too much on the phone with Marilyn. Now Jack will have all the information he needs to not need therapy after committing patricide.

Bauer Moments To Remember:

  • Two kills with the shotgun. Another first for Bauer. I feel like the writers went into a gun shop and said “What hasn’t Jack killed someone with?”
  • Jack defuses a nuclear bomb and handles Chloe’s general personality disorder without sweating (unlike Chloe who looked like she needed to change her shirt
  • The digust in his voice when he admonished Morris for building Fayed a functional device. Jack cannot comprehend human beings who would rather die than help terrorists. Morris is ruined for life. Poor Chloe. Tat man will never have an erection again without the help of Levitra.
  • The moment when Jack walks back into CTU and everyone stops like they just saw God. Like, “Oh my God, he’s DOES exist!”

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