24 Season Six: 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Body Count: 7

If I wanted to see all this family drama, I would be watching General Hospital

Presidential Bunker:

So while Lennox has a change of heart (I guess it would be awkward to have a 10 minute meeting with someone then facilitate their murder) and gets a flashlight to the head for it, Baby Palmer inches closer and closer to his death. Where’s Super Secret Service Agent Aaron Pierce when you need him?

Fayed and The Nuclear Bomb:
Well, while Jack is all distracted by his personal problems, Fayed is driving around with three nukes and no one has the faintest clue where he is and no one seems to care. For a second, I was glad to see CTU can operate a mission without Jack but then Dmitri Gredenko (a.k.a Boris the Bullet Dodger from Snatch) got away so I guess it’s always a bad move. Curtis is already missed.

Chloe might want to give Milo a second movie date because it appears you chose wrong. Milo took a bullet for his country and Morris gargled some whiskey. Yawn, why is Morris getting so much camera time? I’m already bored.

Bauer Family Values:
Ok, Marilyn, make up your mind. Do you a) want to save your son Josh or b) sleep with Jack? Because you seem to be flip-flopping. Jack is on full tease mode. Slowly strapping on her bullet proof vest, telling her how to shoot, I guess in Jack’s mind, that counts for foreplay. Anyway, after plotting to kill his son for the first quarter of the season, when he has him unarmed and on his knees, Papa Bauer pulls a Batman and disappears silently while Jack pours his heart out to Daddy. Anyway, this led to the moment we hope can redeem this season, the return of President Douchebag.

Bauer Moments To Remember:

  • Jack giving Marilyn the “Don’t Lie To Me!!!” choke hold
  • Jack saying to his father, “I want you to know I never wanted you to feel like I had turned my back on you, that I had turned my back on the family” while he had his back turned to him

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