24 Season Six: 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Body Count: 7

I hope Obama doesn’t watch 24.

Presidential Bunker:
It’s a shame that Baby Palmer got blown up just when he was starting to grow a pair. His conversation with the diplomat were the first signs of him acting presidential. Bauer getting him to release Logan even though he had his brother killed showed him acting like a true Palmer. I don’t understand how they thought that bomb was going to kill the President when he wasn’t even that close to it. Anyway, he’s not dead. They had the balls to nuke Valencia but to kill two Black presidents would just be too much to handle. And Lennox proved that only Jack Bauer can escape from being duct tape to a pipe. Jack should teach at The Learning Annex.

Fayed, Gredenko and The Nukes:
I have no idea what’s going on here but these bad guys suck.

It would be nice if everyone acted with the urgency that three nukes should bring. Just when I thought, “Finally, someone in the show takes a dump,” it ends up Morris was drinking in the stall. I’m beginning to miss Edgar’s lisp (“Chwoe?”). Nice pointless cameo by Bart Simpson as Morris former AA sponsor. By the way, I haven’t mentioned this so far this season but I would like to thank the producers and casting directors of 24 for filling the void left Reiko Aylesworth (Michelle Dessler).

Nadia, I will always note your objection

Bauer and Logan:
I’m glad we are done with the Bauer family. If I had to endure one more inapproriate Bauer face stroke, I was going to puke. It was great to get back to the great acting of Gregory Itzin but they filmed the showdown between Jack and Logan like a Spanish telenovela. I was kind of annoyed that Logan and Jack took their sweet ass time getting ready to go. Another day, another communist consulate. Second times a charm. Oh wait. It’s third. Jack’s in trouble again.

No Bauer moments to remember but I hope I can forget the creepy face stroking.


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