Lost Season Three: "Trisha Tanaka Is Dead"

Apparently the producers of Lost thought Little Miss Sunshine should have won best picture.

What I Liked:

  • The return of Vincent, Randy and Danielle Rosseau!
  • It’s been too long since Lost has some levity. I feel like there hasn’t been a laugh since Michael shot Ana-Lucia and Libby
  • I missed having Sawyer interact with the rest of the 815ers. He was in rare form:
    • Well, look at that. Somebody’s hooked on phonics!
    • Skeletor seems to like it.
    • Nicknames for Charlie (Oliver Twist, the Munchkin, Jiminy Cricket) and Hurley (Snuffy, International House of Pancakes, Jumbotron)
  • Hurley’s comeback to Sawyer: “Shut up, Red…neck Man!”
  • Sawyer teaching Jin the three phrases every married man should know.
  • Kate telling Danielle about Alex

What I didn’t like:

  • Again, ABC’s ads overhyped the episode as some big revealing one when it was a fun stand alone.
  • No more sweaty Kate (What? Mrs. Reyes isn’t the only one with needs)

What We Learned:

  • Hurley’s dad abandoned him and then came back when he won the lotto
  • Johnny ran off with Starla from the “Everybody Hates Hurley” episode
  • Dharma had a van, gas, light beer and were trying to build a road sometime between the release dates of Rocky II and Rocky III by Hurley’s estimation
  • A meteor really did destroy the Chicken Shack
  • Hurley’s dad gave him that fateful chocolate bar that turned him into the man he is today
  • Sawyer had mono as a child and all he could watch in the trailer was Little House on the Prairie


  • How many days has passed since the hatch imploded?
  • What killed Roger and how long had he been there?
  • Why didn’t Kate say anything to Alex about Danielle?
  • What’s Vincent been eating since his two caretakers are gone?

2 thoughts on “Lost Season Three: "Trisha Tanaka Is Dead"

  1. your mother’s a passionate woman. hahaha…umm, my question is why didn’t they read through some of that paper in the van? then again it wasn’t the brightest bunch that found it.

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