24 Season Six: 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Body count: 7

This season is going to have the lowest body count in 24 history. No wonder fans are unhappy.

Boom in the Presidential Bunker:
Another year, another fairly successful assassination attempt. Assad’s dead and who is surprised? Baby Palmer isn’t and, again, who is surprised? I immediately liked the forcefulness that Powers Boothe brings as the acting president but as the producers sense that maybe we might like this guy over Baby Palmer, he immediately wants to frame Assad for Palmer’s assassination. Didn’t they have security camera in EVERY room? I mean, they WERE keeping the President of the United States there. And how naïve was Reed? You just clocked this guy over his head with a flashlight when he was getting ready to betray you but you have faith he will play ball now that the deed is done? I’m glad Lennox waited about 15 seconds to turn them in.

They really are dependent on Jack, aren’t they? How did they function while he was in prison? Oh yeah, I forgot. That’s why they brought him back. Nice to see Karen Hayes caught with flight delays. They really didn’t do jack squat. They were just waiting for Jack to do something so they could react like, him getting caught by the Russian guards. Nice to see Buchanan take a play out of the Bauer handbook. WWJBD? Let’s not go through the proper channels. Let’s assemble a team to extract Jack from Russian territory. At least we were spared from Morris’ incessant whining.

Jack and Logan Sitting In A Limo
Where did Jack get that suit? I’m glad President Logan reminded Jack, “Hey, didn’t you just get back from a two year stint in a Chinese prison for doing the same thing? What are you an idiot?” I’m going to stop doing a kill count and start doing a torture count. You know what occurred to me? Jack Bauer has not been a paid employee of the U.S. government since the end of season four. Wasn’t that like 3-4 years ago in their world? What kind of pro bono work is this? So we FINALLY get a sense of Gredanko’s plan: Unmanned aerial drones with the nukes. Nice. I like a little originality. Now that jack has been captured, does anyone remember that President Douchebag is sitting in that limo by himself?

Bauer Moments To Remember:

  • Jack cut off the Russian diplomats pinky finger with a cigar cutter. Who says torture doesn’t work?

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