Lost Season Three: "Enter 77"

Are you happy? Some answers…wait no, those might have been lies. So I guess more questions.

What I Liked:

  • Sayid is still the biggest badass on the island
  • His flashback, while good, was kept short. I hope that is a sign for the future as we are running out of things to learn about these castaways.
  • Sawyer asking Nikki, “Who the hell are you?”
  • The introduction of Mikhail, the newest Other
  • We learned more about the Others in this episode than in episodes featuring the Others
  • The return and exit of Ms. Klugh

What I Didn’t Like:

  • As much as I enjoyed Sawyer getting whooped by Hurley in ping-pong, considering how many episodes actually constitutes a week on this show, I don’t think I can go the rest of the season without a Sawyer nickname
  • Nikki and Paulo were given lines. I know once we get their flashbacks I will be more interested in them but right now, they are the new Shannon and Boone.
  • Since when is Locke an idiot? Didn’t he watch War Games? Talking computers are not to be messed with.

What We Learned:

  • Sayid was a chef under the name Najeem in France where he was kidnapped by the family of one of the women he tortured
  • There was a war between the Others/Hostiles and Dharma and it appears the Others won
  • There is power cables running throughout the island
  • The Flame station was for communications and they lost communications via satellite and sonar after the Hatch imploded.
  • Hurley is a great ping-pong player due to his time spent in an institution
  • Paulo likes to flag magazines
  • It is likely that Kate’s horse came from the Flame Station or the Othersville.
  • It sucks to be an African-American cast member
  • Like most average Americans over the age of 40, Locke should not be trusted with a computer


  • How much of Mikhail’s story is actually true in reference to what happened to the Dharma group?
  • Was Danielle really just hiding out in the forest or was she up to something else?
  • Why did Ms. Klugh tell Mikhail to shoot her?
  • Since Locke entered 77 into the computer, is the Dharma Initiative now aware that their hatches have been compromised?
  • What was the Dharma Initiative’s true purpose?
  • How long have the Others been on the island?
  • Is the cat Nadia the only animal that survived the explosion?
  • Does Sayid now understand why Jack always hates going into the forest with Locke?

One thought on “Lost Season Three: "Enter 77"

  1. yes, i’m happy. mark this date in history – sean made tia happy!

    anyhoo…i’ve been driving myself bonkers reading doc jensen’s theories on ew.

    – i think danielle and mikhail know each other. i think the marvin candle films are fake but haven’t exactly determined who made them.

    -i think there is another source of communication somewhere on the island.

    – i think sayid > jack bauer. if they ever kill him off i would never watch the show again.

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