Movie of the Week: 300 – The IMAX Experience

This movie is every teenage boy’s wet dream for a film.

Comic/Video game style violence…check
Beautiful women…check
Nudity and sex…check

Even though some of the dialogue is laughable (Frank Miller’s words were meant to be read, not spoken) and the fact that 75% of the dialogue is yelled, you can’t help but get a charge watching this movie. People who read Frank Miller and Lynn Varley’s original graphic novel will appreciate this movie much more than your average movie goer (which is why most major reviewers are calling this movie ‘shit’ and all comic book related websites are calling this a classic).

The battles are extremely well-done and BEAUTIFUL on the big IMAX screen (Frankly, consdering that most of the movie is fighting, it is really worth the extra 4-5 bucks for IMAX). Even though you ultimately know the end (Spoiler alert: they lose), Snyder still manages to create tension.

If you want them to be there can be racial undertones of a perfect white army crushing all the brown and yellow people or political undertones with the scenes of the Queen trying to negotiate with the counsel, but I chose to ignore them.

I have to admit that I was thrilled seeing Dominic West (McNulty from The Wire) doing a movie…ANY movie especially as a villain. And it’s a testament to how good he was that his final scene drew the most crowd reaction.

Gerard Butler and Lena Hedley were great as King Leonidas and Queen Gorgo but man, Butler’s throat must have been killing him after they were finished filming.

Ultimately, this succeeds as another good example of a movie using a graphic novel not only as inspiration but also as a storyboard.

I have more faith now than I did before in Snyder’s attempt to bring Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen to the big screen.


One thought on “Movie of the Week: 300 – The IMAX Experience

  1. hey.. jst a little comment for you..
    if you actually read the comics and watched the’ll know that they DID NOT lose, the king accomplished his goals, so as the queen, and Sparta did not vanish, and its people were not taken as slaves.
    in the comics, the king says that all sparta will go to war then, and that they will win.
    in the movie, the last thing said by the narrator, is ” To Victory” while leading the spartan army.
    i jst want to ask you..cuz where i live theres no IMAX wt is the different between regualar cinemas and IMAX..
    thx again..

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