24 Season Six: 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Body count: 10

We finally reach double digits.

There’s A New Sheriff In Town
Vice President Cy Tolliver has been President for a little over an hour and he’s already a better President than Baby Palmer. Sure, he’s dirty for framing Assad for the assassination attempt against Baby Palmer and then threating war against the unnamed country, but damn he is scary.

I’m still talking!

CTU & Silver Spoons
Nice to see Chloe being a bitch again even if it was to ex-President Logan. Enter Silver Spoons. He was immediately a dick especially to Milo. I wonder what happened in Denver. I didn’t like him…until he choked Morris.

A Visit To Crazy Town
Super Secret Service Agent Aaron Pierce returns…as First Lady Martha Logan’s lover. I didn’t need to know all that. I never want to see her feed him anything. Seriously, how did Jean Smart not win the Outstanding Supporting Actress Emmy? Anyway, I digress. How did Logan was best friends with the Russian president’s wife, Anya, if they haven’t spoken in two years? When Martha was talking to Logan about her and Aaron, she was two seconds away from saying, “Aaron has a bigger penis than you do, Charles. What do you think about that?” I swear that I had just written down via IM, “Martha looks like she could slit Logan’s throat at any moment”. Well, I was off by a couple of inches.

Adventures At The Russian Consulate
The biggest weakness of this season of 24 is there hasn’t been enough Jack. Clearly, the Russians did not read Jack Bauer’s file if they thought putting one guard on Bauer would be enough to contain him. Somehow, I don’t think when the Russian president gave CTU permission to storm the consulate that he was giving Silver Spoon and crew the right to kill EVERY SINGLE RUSSIAN WHO WORKED THERE. Anyway, they freed Jack and now they know where to find Gredanko and Fayeed but guess what, too late!

Bauer Moments To Remember

  • Before Vaseli could kill him, he takes the belt of a dead man, flings it up around Vaseli’s wrist and gets the gum away from him

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