Lost Season Three: "Par Avion"


What I Liked:

  • Claire’s backstory which confirms something which many of us have suspected for a long-time.
  • Charlie stares at Desmond like the harbinger of death
  • We’re already at the Others’ camp
  • Locke’s increasingly bizarre behavior
  • Mikhail’s grisly death
  • Another reference to “The List”

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Now that Sawyer can’t say nicknames, is he just going to keep quiet?
  • The backstory took up too much of the episode
  • I didn’t really understand why Desmond prevented Claire, Sun and Jin from catching the birds

What We Learned:

  • Claire used to be a goth girl who worked a tattoo parlor
  • She caused a car accident that left her mother with severe head trauma that left her in a coma
  • Christian Shepard is Claire’s father
  • Sayid and Kate are definately not on “The List”. Locke, maybe.
  • Mikhail was recruited by a “great man”
  • Mikhail got to the island via submarine
  • Ben is not at the top of The Others food chain
  • Since the Hatch imploded, the underwater beacon that allowed the Others to take the submarine out and return doesn’t work
  • Despite Dr. Shepard’s words, Claire couldn’t pull the plug on her mother and she’s still hooked up to machines
  • The 815ers have been on the island for 80 days.
  • Locke did know about the C4 in the farm and took one for himself.


  • How are Sayid, Kate, Danielle and Locke planning to get back over the pylons?
  • Is Locke on “The List”?
  • What happened between the time Locke entered 77 on the computer in the last episode and the farm blowing up?
  • What was Mikhail going to say to Locke before he was interrupted (“The John Locke I know was par—.”)?
  • Do the Others know that Claire and Jack are half-siblings?
  • What is The Others’ policy on being taken prisoner that makes them rather death?
  • Who is the real leader of The Others? Jacob?
  • What happened to Jack to make him all buddy buddy with The Others now?
  • How many more backstory’s is Dr. Christian Shepard going to appear in? (So far, he ‘s connected to Claire, Sawyer and Ana Lucia)
  • Seriously, what the fuck is up with Locke?

6 thoughts on “Lost Season Three: "Par Avion"

  1. Perhaps it’s better he didn’t finish the sentence: So far, the only person among the 815’ers who found out about Locke’s paralysis was Boone… He died shortly thereafter.

    (Though I guess this all changes on Weds. in the big reveal.)

  2. I believe there may be a problem with the story because of this episode. Recall back to SEASON 1 when claire found out she was pregnant at her boyfriends apartment. Think hard about what she said:

    “We can’t tell my mother, she’ll disown me”

    To me this doesn’t make sense. Because “Par Avion” implies that her mother is still in a coma and she is sorry for what she did when she was a teenager.

    So to me, it wouldn’t make sense for her to say that her mother will disown her if she’s in a coma.

    I’m not saying my theory, but it’s something that just made me think a little bit. Try watching par avion, then going back and watching the episode where claire finds out she’s pregnant and then her boyfriend leaves her. It’s hard for me to explain so just watch.

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