24 Season Six: 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Body Count: 12

Even though this is probably the worst season of 24 ever, there is one bright spot…



Nothing against Kim Raver because I liked her in The Nine but I hated Audrey Raines.

“Jack I know you are on your way to save
the world but I think now is the best time
to talk about our feelings.”

Anyway, on to the episode…

First of all, Milo, stop making googly eyes at my woman! Nadia doesn’t want you. Besides she may be the seventh CTU mole in…six seasons. I love how everyone presumes that Milo is acting right because he’s had some more alcohol (which Chloe disproved by laying one on him( but either a) Silver Spoons choked some sense into him or b) he’s the real mole and just set up Nadia. He’s the only one aside from Chloe with the skills to do it.

I don’t understand why Jack is mad that no one told him Audrey was dead. When, Jack? When were they going to tell you? Right before you were going to sacrifice your life? “Hey Jack, before you get out the car and probably get killed, you should know Audrey died in China looking for you. Ok. See ya later.” I shouldn’t be mad. At least I got to SEE Jack. The producers are really screwing the pooch with this Jack-less season. This is like watching a Superman movie but we spend more time with Lois Lane and The Daily Planet and not even Lex Luthor but Otis and Miss Teschmacher . Actually, that’s kinda what Superman Returns was like.

So Audrey’s dead but Marilyn wastes no time going in for the kill. Jack dodged that kiss like a direct order from Division.

While in the Presidential bunker (do they really need to be in there? They know all the nukes are in California. It must smell in there.), Vice President Daniels must have dreamed his entire life what it would be like to have his finger on the button. Well, he’s not going to let anyone ruin this dream for him. Not the Dragonslayer. Not Karen “Conservative Monkey Wrench” Hayes. Not Jack Bauer averting yet another nuclear explosion with his fancy Atari skills (I bet he could land the plane in Top Gun on the NES. I always sucked at that.). He is going to nuke that unnamed country no matter what. Time to wake up Baby Palmer. What’s the point of waking him up? He’ll wake up, say “no” to the nuke then fall into a coma giving Daniels complete control.

Bauer Moments To Remember:
NONE (He only had 10 minutes of screen time to work with)


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