Lost Season Three: "The Man From Tallahassee"

If I were Jack, I would have snatched the first gun in arms length and bullet between Locke’s eyes.

What I Liked

  • The interaction between Ben and Locke. Ben kept trying to mess with his head and Locke was done talking. He could give a shit about what Ben said, magic box, submarine, he was intent on blowing up that sub (Best exchange: Ben – “On this island, there’s a very large box, and whatever you imagine … when you open that box, there it would be. What would you say about that?” Locke – “I’d say I hope that box is big enough to imagine yourself up a new submarine.”)Too bad it played right into Ben’s hands.
  • Sayid finally hinting to Alex that maybe her mother isn’t dead and all is not as it seems
  • I know people hate the whole Jack-Kate-Sawyer thing but the scenes between Kate and Jack were great as well as the jealous looks from Juliet and Kate.
  • Locke’s backstory finally revealed that which we’ve been wondering since “Walkabout” in the first season
  • How Locke got paralyzed. I assumed that his father hit him with a car or something but damn, that guy is cold blooded like Rick James.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Is it too late to recast the girl playing Alex? She’s awful. I hope there’s not too much asked of her this season acting-wise.
  • After spending the first 7 episodes with three 815ers captured by the Others, now we have four.
  • You think Kate after being captured already would have figured that there is not one inch of Othersville that didn’t have a camera
  • Except Ben’s house. You think your LEADER would have a camera in his room.

What We Learned:

  • After getting his kidney stolen and ruining his hippie pot farm, John Locke was on disability
  • Peter Talbot, the son of a woman Adam Seward (a.k.a. Anthony Cooper a.k.a. Papa Locke), was planning to marry came to Locke to to a little fact checking on him. Locke denied knowing him.
  • Locke confronted his father and told him if he didn’t leave behind his plan to con this old rich lady out of her money, he would spill the beans.
  • The cops show up and tell Locke that Peter is dead.
  • Locke goes to confront Cooper about Peter when he says he had nothing to do with it and that the wedding with Mama Moneybags if off. Locke goes to call the old lady to confirm and Cooper PUSHES LOCKE OUT OF AN EIGHT STORY WINDOW. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how Locke as paralyzed.
  • Jack struck a deal with Ben to take the last submarine ride off the island with Juliet.
  • Ben is one of the few people who were born on the island
  • Ben is concerned about his perception amongst his fellow Others
  • Ben can’t figure out why the island cured Locke and not him.
  • If the submarine had left, it would not have been able to return due to the beacon being ruined after the Hatch imploded?


  • What was Locke’s motivation for blowing up the sub and essentially trapping EVERYONE on the island? Does he really not want to leave and wants company?
  • Was that really Locke’s father in the room or was it a manifestation of the “Magic Box”?
  • Is there really a “Magic Box” or was that a metaphor?
  • Was Jack really planning on sending back help for the other 815ers?
  • Has Jack been brainwashed?
  • Is Richard (the guy who took Locke and Ben to the room with Cooper and the guy who recruited Juliet) more trusted than the other…um…Others?
  • How will The Others who were under the illusion that they could leave whenever they wanted to react to the destruction of their own means of departure?
  • Who and where are Ben’s parents?
  • Is Cooper the same con man that conned Sawyer’s family, which I guess would make him “Sawyer Prime” or “The Original Sawyer”?
  • If the “Magic Box” is real, is it connected to the smoke monster or the unexplained things 815ers have been seeing (Jack’s dad, Kate’s horse, Eko’s brother)?
  • If the Magic Box is real, is Cooper the best they could do?
  • Will Locke join the Others too? Who are we kidding? Locke will do whatever Ben wants him to do like he’s Dracula.

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