Lost Season Three: "Exposé"

“I’m just a guest-star… and we all know what happens to guest stars.” Indeed, Nikki. Indeed.

What I Liked:

  • Hate her or love her, Nikki is hot and now my dreams of a free fall mud wrestling match between her, Kate and Sun have been dashed (although I may be getting a consolation prize next week)
  • Boone! Shannon! Arzt! Ethan! Even Vincent!
  • This was probably the best written stand alone episode
  • All the throwbacks to season one like Boone running around looking for a pen, Arzt being a dick, where Kate found the guns.
  • Nikki asking Paulo to promise we won’t end up lik Boone and Shannon.
  • Sun finally finding out about her fake Others kidnapping
  • Nikki’s Baywatch/V.I.P-ish show, Exposé (or as Hurley refers to it, “Only the most awesome hour of television ever!”) with a cameo by Billy Dee Williams! “Razzle-dazzle!”
  • That Paulo found all the shit on the island (the plane, the Pearl hatch, even heard Ben and Juliet’s plan for Jack) but was so selfishly focused on finding the diamonds, he kept it to himself.
  • The Tales From The Crypt/Twilight Zone ending with “Paulo lies”=”Para…lyzed”, Medusa spiders and Nikki opening her eyes as she was being buried.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • This episode is kind of annoying because after all the revelations of The Man From Tallahassee, you just want that story to keep going.
  • While I enjoyed the episode, is that really it for Nikki and Paulo?
  • Shannon and Boone’s awful wigs.
  • That the commercial for the episode ruined the entire scene with Sun confronting Sawyer.

What We Learned:

  • Nikki was an actress who was working on a show Expose directed by some Aaron Sorkin-esque old guy in Sydney
  • Paulo was a chef (“The Wolfgang Puck of Brazil”)
  • Paulo poisoned the old guy and Nikki and Paulo steal millions of dollars in diamonds
  • Arzt was spending his pre-blown up island time cataloging new insect species including the Medusa Spider.


  • Was it the pheromones of the Medusa Spider that brought all the other spiders out to bite Nikki or was it the smoke monster who could be heard in the background?
  • Was Paulo really hiding those diamonds to maintain his relationship with Nikki?
  • Was Vincent trying to let everyone know they were still alive?
  • How many more people are going to die because there isn’t an actual doctor on the beach?
  • What was a movie producer doing with millions of dollars worth of diamonds anyway?
  • Was this the plan all along for Nikki and Paulo or did the writers cave to the negative reaction their addition to the cast brought?
  • Is Charlie’s confession to Sun the beginning of tying up all his loose ends before he is killed?
  • Is Locke right? Does nothing on this island stay buried for very long?

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