24 Season Six: 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Body Count: 16 (+2)

The worst day in all our lives continues…

Featuring Special Guest Star Kiefer Sutherland
I kid. Jack was in this episode more than the past three episodes and he even got to use his gun. Can someone please explain to me a) how they conveniently had an ax around to cut of Gredenko’s arm and/or b) what Gredenko’s game plan was after they cut his arm off? He should have been passed out from shock if not dead right away. Did he just want to die on a beach bleeding to death like he did? Is that why he turned Fayed over to a bunch of American bar flies as opposed to Jack Bauer? We’ll never know.

General Hospital a.k.a. Passions a.k.a. CTU
Where was Chloe? I don’t care about Milo who apparently so busy sexually harassing Nadia that he allowed hackers to infiltrate CTU and frame Nadia. He so isn’t getting any. Luckily for him, Silver Spoons covered it up just…because. Since we’ve been rehashing season two, can these please blow up CTU again?

I don’t even know how to explain this bit. First, Baby Palmer went from being in a coma to being suited up in less than 10 minutes thanks to a shot of adrenaline. Then the VP challenges his presidency under the 25th amendment which apparently states any black President named Palmer can be removed from office for being a pussy. The vote ends in a 7-7 ties which like count outs in wrestling means the titles stays with Palmer but lo and behold, VP says he never officially recognized Karen returning so he says her vote doesn’t count. The Dragonslayer says it’s going to the Supreme Court. That creepy blond from Invasion offers to perjure herself so that the VP can win his case but the Dragonslayer has the room bugged which is about the 3rd crime he’s committed today. Anyway, he convinces (forces) the VP to drop his case and Baby Palmer is President again. So how does he celebrate by launching the nuke the VP was going to launch ANYWAY! Come again?

Bauer Moments To Remember

  • “Show me your head.” We get a glimpse into the killing process of Jack Bauer.
  • After Fayed yells to one of the bar patrons, “I hope he’s dead!” in reference to one of the the guys in shot in the bar, Jack gives him a swift kick in the face

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