Lost Season Three: "Left Behind"

Kate said it best. “Welcome to the wonderful world of not knowing what the hell is going on.”

What I Liked:

  • I never get tired of talking about how much I love Elizabeth Mitchell’s Juliet. She’s like the female Ben
  • Locke finally joining the Others (even if he’s faking).
  • Hurley conning Sawyer into being the leader figure of the beach due to Jack, Kate, Sayid and Locke’s absence
  • An actual decent Kate flashback
  • The return of the smoke monster
  • Kate vs. Juliet! In the rain! Then they fall in mud! It was like a horny nerd who is dying got his Make-A-Wish Foundation letter answered.
  • Because there are no repeats, the story feels like it’s progressing quickly.
  • The look on Kate’s face after Jack asked about Juliet while she was all crying and pouring her heart out. Consider him moved on.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • It wasn’t a great episode per se but it was good

What We Learned:

  • Kate (this time using the name “Lucy”) helped Cassidy (Sawyer’s con victim from “The Long Con”) avoid the cops when she was trying to con a guy into buying fake jewlery
  • Cassidy helps Kate confront her mother to ask why she called the cops on her
  • Cassidy was pregnant with Sawyer’s baby
  • The Others and Locke left Othersville
  • Juliet does not know what the smoke monster is
  • The smoke monster can’t get back the sonic fence


  • Was Juliet really left behind by the Others or is she playing another one of Ben’s games?
  • If she was really left behind, why?
  • Is Locke really with The Others?
  • Why did Kate and Juliet wake up a full day ahead of Sayid and Jack?
  • Did the smoke monster read Juliet like it did Eko?
  • If so, does this mean her days are numbered?
  • If the smoke monster isn’t a creation of The Others, then what did it come from?
  • Is the sonic fence around Othersville more to keep people out or to keep the smoke monster out?
  • Did you see how big Hurley’s shirts were? What would Hurley have done if his luggage was lost in the crash?

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