Movie of the Week: Blades of Glory

Will Ferrell + Sports = Funny

It wasn’t on par with his work with Adam McKay (Anchorman, Talladega Nights) but it did make me laugh.

Honestly, I’m biased. Will Ferrell would have to try pretty damn hard to not make me laugh in a stupid movie like this.

I still think Jon Heder is one of the worst actors in the business but he wasn’t THAT annoying.

I wish Will Arnett were given more lines because anythign he says is funny.

And Jenna Fischer…

Clearly, The Office isn’t doing you justice.


2 thoughts on “Movie of the Week: Blades of Glory

  1. you know what? i actually thought it was lame. i’m a huge will ferrell fan, but i thought this movie was like a really long SNL sketch. and jon heder played napoleon dynamite on skates. it needed some freshness and a juicier plot. that said, will arnett and amy poehler were hysterical. i thought they carried the movie.

  2. It definitely wasn’t the best Will Ferrell comedy but it made me laugh so I have to give it credit for that.

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