24 Season Six: 10:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Body Count: 23 (+7!)

Silver Spoons summed it up best: “Damn, Jack!”

President Balls
Well, it seems the coma did Baby Palmer (or as Dave Barry refers to him, President Gary Payton) good. His nuke to Fakistan was a bluff to get them to give him some information and what do you know, they JUST SO HAPPEN discovered a general in their Fakistan who was supporting Fayed. Even Dragonslayer had to bow to Baby Palmer’s wisdom although I don’t know why BP didn’t just say, “Don’t worry. It’s a bluff.” He just wanted to fuck with him. He won’t be able to enjoy it long because he’s dying but doesn’t want anyone to know. He’s probably trying to get VP Psycho to resign first so that when he does keel over and die, someone else will be President. I just hope the Speaker of the House isn’t Al Swearengen.

Please, somebody blow up CTU. Milo has gone from hero to sexual harasser in eight hours. How times have changed. What is his problem? Did he want Nadia to be like, “Are you hurt, Silver Spoons? Good I hope you die!” Again, where is Chloe? By the way, while I enjoyed CTU’s ruse with Fayed and the fake rescue attempt, I have to ask, does CTU have a stable of Muslim improv actors ready to go at the drop of a dime? That plan came together a little to fast/

Time for some Jack-tion!

It was as if David Fury (writer for last night) and the producers remembered what it is people have come to expect from 24 and Jack Bauer: Absurd heroism. Silver Spoons will never be on Jack’s level. At this point, he’s not even at one-hand Chase’s level. Anyway, I don’t know what happened to turn Jack from “Stun” to “Kill” but it was what we have been waiting for since the nuke went off in hour four and he shot Curtis. From riding under a sanitation truck like a stagecoach in a cowboy movie ( and using one hand to make a cell phone call!) to that first kill where he swept the guards legs and broke his neck like he was opening a jar of pickles, you knew it was on. After his quick killing spree, my joy was quickly destroyed by a phone call from the Chinese and AUDREY! She’s like Bauer’s kryptonite. How did the Chinese know he was “done”? A bigger question, why did Fayed throw his gun at Jack like it was a 50’s episode of Superman?


  • With seven hours left, here’s a couple of plot threads that will probably be forgotten and unresolved:
  • Where is Jack’s father?
  • Who was behind Baby Palmer’s assassination attempt?
  • Will Baby Palmer ever find out that the Dragonslayer and VP Psycho framed his assassination attempt on Al-Assad?
  • Is former President Logan dead?
  • Is Josh Bauer Jack’s son?

Bauer Moments To Remember:

  • Armed with a handgun and one clip, Bauer takes out seven armed terrorists (six with automatic weapons) without getting shot once.
  • For the last kill, Bauer fights Fayed man to man. When Fayed thinks he has the upper hand, Bauer trips him, tied a chain around his throat and say, “Say hello to your brother” before he chokes him with the chain. Damn, Jack.

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