24 Season Six: 11:00 PM – 12:00 AM

Body count: 23

Jack is rogue and all is right with the world.

How the hell did the Chinese drop Jack Bauer off in Hour one and return with Audrey in Hour 17? Was she on the same plane as Jack? That’s the only thing that makes sense. Anyway, considering all that he has put Jack through since Day 4 (forcing him to fake his death, kidnapping and torturing him for two years and kidnapping Audrey), it is safe to say that Cheng Zhi is Jack’s true nemesis. Anyway, Jack’s probably going to kill him like all his nemeses.

I own you, Mister Bauer

On to the show, Jack tries to steal the component for Chang with the help of Chloe (Shock surprise). It’s almost laughable how easy it for Jack to convince Chloe to commit treason. unfortunately for Chloe, Morris, who’s computer she used, is actually as smart as she is and figured it out pretty quickly forcing her to confess to Buchanon. Jack gets the part after using a Jedi Mind Trick on the two soldiers guarding the nukes (who takes someone WORD that they have a Presidential order to tamper with nukes?) but Silver Spoons stops him and he’s put under arrest.

Jack asks to speak to the President who, let me remind you, is a Palmer so you know how this goes. Jack verbally beats Baby Palmer into submission (Mr. President, you OWE me!”) to going along with his plan to destroy the chip before the Chinese can use it, even if it means blowing himself up in the process.

Now that the nukes are gone, the White House staff returns to the Oval Office. After Dragonslayer tells Baby Palmer about the attempted perjury, President Palmer asks for Vice President Psycho’s resignation which he refuses. Then Baby Palmer with his new balls grown via shots of adrenaline, pretty much blackmails him into resigning which he’s about to do after a private, creepy moment with his assistant Lisa. I half expected them to have sex on the couch so he could leave with a good memory. Of course, as the VP watches with resignation letter in hand, Baby Palmer assures the nation that the threat has passed and then like Robocop breaking one of his prime directive, he shorts out and collapses.

Guess who’s President now?

His first order is of business: canceling Jack’s stupid mission. I know from our perspective this seems mean but you know what, the Psycho is right! This si a stupid mission. What if Jack shows up and they put a bullet in his head an take the part off his corpse? Anyway, Buchanon tries to secretly tell Doyle to turn the car around so they can subdue Jack but Jack pulls a pistol on him. He lets Doyle out the car and drives off to save Audrey. That’s right, Jack Bauer has gone ROGUE (again)

Bauer Moments to Remember:

  • Bauer telling Doyle after he pulled the gun on him that I killed Curtis this morning from standing in my way, don’t think I won’t shoot you.

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