Lost Season Three: "Catch-22"

For the record, The Flash can outrun Superman.

What I Liked:

  • I always like Desmond episodes even though his story is just depressing
  • Kate…changing… Sorry, I’m a man. Sometimes I can’t help it
  • Charlie and Hurley arguing about Superman and Flash
  • Sawyer asking for some “Afternoon Delight” and even offering to make a mixtape
  • Sexy Marsha Thomason landing on the island (even though she’ll probably be dead by season’s end)

What I Didn’t Like:

  • The backstory was kind of pointless except for Desmond meeting Penny and one interesting easter egg.
  • Charlie lives another day
  • Now even I’m getting tired of this love square between Sawyer, Jack, Kate and Juliet.

What We Learned:

  • One week before he was supposed to get married to a woman named Ruth who he had been seeing for six years, Desmond got drunk and passed out, he was woken up by a Brother Campbell, took this as a sign and joined a monastery.
  • He even took a vow of silence
  • He was kicked out a) because Brother Campbell did not think being a monk was really Desmond’s calling and b) Desmond got drunk on some very expensive monk wine
  • On his way out of the monastery, he helped carry some cases of wine to a young ladies car and that’s how he met Penny


  • If Desmond had let Charlie die from the arrow, would it have been Penny who parachuted from the helicopter and not Marsha Thompson?
  • What is the effect of Desmond saving Charlie?
  • Does the fact that she was carrying a Portuguese copy of Catch-22 and she knew who Desmond was mean that our new island guest is associated with the Portuguese men who Penny hired to help find Desmond?
  • What made the helicopter crash?
  • Why does everyone on this show read deep books? Doesn’t anybody just read trashy novels?
  • How is there more than one copy of the photo of Desmond and Penny?
  • Why is that creepy old lady from Desmond’s last flashback in Flashes Before Time in a photo with the monk?

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