Movie of the Week: Vacancy

Eh, it was alright.

Actually, I’m not giving it enough credit.

It was very tense for most of the movie. Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale were getting the best of their captors but you couldn’t see why they had succeeded while so many had fallen to these weird hicks* who liked to make snuff films in this motel.

Anyway, it wasn’t great but it was perfectly okay.

And then two things happen at the end that just annoyed the shit out of me. One something that should be impossible and the other was just a bad guy doing something incredibly stupid.

It screamed to things: a) the alternative tested poorly and b) the latter was due to the lack of a great ending.

Oh well…I’ve paid for worst.

* It was weird to see Ethan Embry as the mechanic. I had such high hopes for him after Can’t Hardly Wait.


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