Lost Season Three: "D.O.C."

What. The. Fuck?

What I Liked:

  • I’m not usually a fan of Yunjin Kim’s acting but she was great in this episode. She held her own against the best actress on the show (Elizabeth Mitchell)
  • Oh, Juliet. I knew you weren’t completely on the side of the Others
  • Mikhail’s alive! Thank God. He was too cool to kill already.
  • Hurley was hilarious: “Ooops”, “Mom” and the final “What?”
  • Jin knows kung-fu. Sweet roundhouse kick
  • We’ve come full circle on the Jin and Sun backstory

What I Didn’t Like:

  • I’m sure when he dies it will be heroic on some level and redeem his character on some level but until that moment happens, unfortunately Charlie’s still alive.

What We Learned:

  • Shortly after she marries Jin, an old woman blackmails Sun for $100,000 unless she will reveal that Jin’s mother is a whore
  • Sun goes to see Jin’s father and learns that a) Jin’s mother was promiscuous and b) Jin might not be his son. He makes her promise not to tell Jin either nor that she met him
  • Sun goes to her father to get the money no questions asked promising to continue to turn a blind eye to his affairs
  • Sun’s father says that Jin will have to repay this debt and that’s how he ended up being a Korean thug.
  • Sun gives the old woman who is Jin’s mother the money but threatens that she will have her killed if she sees her again
  • Our mysterious guest (listed as Naomi in the credits) speaks Italian, Chinese, Spanish and English
  • Juliet lost nine patients
  • The winner of the Race to Sun’s Ovaries is…Jin!
  • History dictates Sun has about two months to live
  • The island increases sperm count (Five times more sperm)
  • Juliet left a tape recorded message for Ben detailing Sun’s pregnancy saying that she will test Kate next (Good luck with that one)
  • Apparently in the real world, Oceanic Flight 815 crashed and was found and there were no survivors!


  • Oceanic Flight 815 crashed and was found and there were no survivors. WHAT THE FUCK?
  • How did Mikhail survive or was he faking this whole time?
  • Where was Mikhail running to?
  • Why did Sun act like she didn’t know what Jin was doing for her father?
  • Who sent Naomi?
  • Is anyone on the island who has sex pretty much going to get pregnant?
  • Is Kate pregnant?
  • Is Juliet pregnant?
  • Why is Juliet helping Ben if she hates him so much?
  • Knowing what she knows, was Juliet having sex with Goodwin a suicide attempt?

3 thoughts on “Lost Season Three: "D.O.C."

  1. i think juliet is lying about sun’s d.o.c. just bc i don’t trust her but someone offered this reasoning: juliet lies about the doc, sun’s baby is born and she doesn’t die, woo her researched work! ben lets her off the island. poor naive juliet, we all know it ain’t gonna go down like that.

    i loved hurley’s “what?” at the end. i want to know what naomi said when mikhail translated it as “thank you for saving my life”. i’m pretty sure that’s not what she said. let me peruse some msg boards u know those folks translate everything.

  2. Why did Sun act like she didn’t know what Jin was doing for her father?

    She said if she got the $ she would continue to look the other way and pretend she doesn’t know what is going on

  3. Jin knows kung-fu. Sweet roundhouse kick

    Of course he knows how to defend himself and put the hurt on the enemy. He’s (was) a Korean thug!

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