Movie of the Week Pt. 1: Once

My favorite movie of the year thus far

This is sort of a musical (“modern day musical” is how the writer-director John Carney described it at the Q&A following the screening). It’s not like a Dreamgirls/Chicago musical where characters break into songs about the scene. The songs (some featured on the album, The Swell Season, some written specifically for the film) come along while the characters are collaborating and making this demo but the songs are about both the characters’ (who are never named so they are referred to as Guy and Girl) past and what is going on between them.

The two leads Glen Hansard (from the Irish band, The Frames) and Markéta Irglová have great chemistry together and their friendship seems natural and not forced. And the songs were great.

I want to say more but it would spoil certain aspects of the movie.

The movie isn’t perfect but it felt perfect so I’m sticking with my rating.

Just see it and hate me if you don’t like it.

It comes out in limited release on May 18th.


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