Lost Season Three: "The Brig"

My name is James Ford. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

What I Liked:

  • Say what you will about season three but this season has produced some of the best Lost episodes ever…including this one.
  • Finally a connection between two castaways has some sort of payoff
  • Josh Holloway’s Emmy reel will come from this episode
  • The backstory showing us what Locke’s been up to since we last saw him.
  • The divisions amongst the castaways AND the Others
  • Um, Naomi is cute and had my favorite line of the night: “Remind me not to save you, Sayid”

What I Didn’t Like:

  • How Kate went over to Jack at Mach 5 speeds to spill the beans about Naomi

What We Learned:

  • Sawyer is still Kate’s booty call
  • The Others have apprently been “waiting” for Locke
  • Ben’s plan for the 815ers: kidnap all the pregnant women
  • Oceanic Flight 815 was found at the bottom of the ocean near Bali, all the bodies were accounted for
  • Naomi is part of a company hired by Penelope Widmore to find Desmond using the coordinates she got at the end of Season Two after the Hatch imploded
  • The ship Naomi came from is about 80 miles away from the island
  • According to Alpert, Ben is purposely trying to make Locke look bad in front of the Others
  • Cooper was kidnapped after a car crash
  • Cooper is Tom Sawyer, the man who conned James’ mother.
  • After all he’s been through on the island, somehow that letter James wrote when he was a little kid is still intact


  • Is there really a schism in the Others faction or was Alpert doing exactly what Ben wanted him to do by getting Locke to get Sawyer to kill Cooper?
  • Did all the Others have to do something for their initiation?
  • Why does Danielle need dynamite?
  • What secret is Juliet and Jack keeping?
  • Why did Ben tell Locke about his plan to kidnap the pregnant women on the island?
  • what bodies did they find in the wreckage of flight 815?
  • Why does the island heal everyone so quickly?
  • When will Locke and Danielle realize they are perfect for one another?
  • Like Inigo Montoya, now that James has finally gotten his revenge on Cooper, what’s left?

One thought on “Lost Season Three: "The Brig"

  1. Why does the island heal everyone so quickly?

    Might this expedited healing be related to the fatalities among pregnant women? Babies in utero are, after all, sorta parasitic… More than sorta. Very.

    Anyway, how’d Boone die from a plane falling on him, but Naomi not die from a punctured lung?

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