Lost Season Three: "The Man Behind The Curtain"

Help. Me.

What I Liked:

  • When Lost ends in 2010, Terry O’Quinn and Michael Emerson should try and find a project together.
  • We finally learned what became of the Dharma Initiative
  • While it lasted, I loved seeing tough guy Locke. I felt like he was representing frustrated Lost fans (not me) when he was beating up Mikhail and pushing Ben into a corner to stop his incessant stalling
  • The 815ers finally got together and talked. Look how easy that was.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • I don’t think Locke is dead. But if for some crazy reason he is dead. I. DO. NOT. LIKE. THAT.
  • Another season, another secret plan by Jack
  • Another character, another shitty father. Thank God this show is off the air before Father’s Day.

What We Learned:

  • Ben was not born on the island. He was born outside of Portland to Emily and Roger Linus in the woods after an ill-advised hike. Emily dies shortly after he is born.
  • Roger and Ben (as pre-teen) are brought to the island by Horace Goodspeed, who pulled over along the side of the road to help Emily and Roger when Ben was born.
  • Roger is given a job as a Work Man (or what we in the real world would call a Custodial Technician)
  • Dharma Group is at war with the Hostiles, the island’s original inhabitants
  • Ben has a little girlfriend growing up called Annie
  • Roger blames Ben for his mother’s death and keeps forgetting Ben’s birthday.
  • Kid Ben sees his mother (wearing the clothes a doll Annie made for him).
  • When Kid Ben sneaks into the woods to look for her, he runs into Richard Alpert. He tells Richard that he wants to leave the Dharma group.
  • Adult Ben kills his father in the van that Hurley found in “Trisha Tanaka Is Dead” and helps the Hostiles to kill the rest of the Dharma Group
  • There is a volcano on the island.
  • Naomi is NOT with the others
  • Mikhail survived the pylons because they were not set to lethal
  • Juliet told Jack about Ben’s plan, he just had decided to not share this information until he figured out what to do.
  • Jacob lives in the woods in a shack.
  • Jacob hates technology.
  • Only Ben can see or communicate with Jacob (kind of like Management in HBO’s Carnivàle) until Jaocb says “help me” to Locke.


  • What the fuck is Jacob?
  • How come only Ben can hear or see him?
  • WHat is with the ring of ash around Jacob’s shack?
  • Did Annie die with the rest of the Dharma Initiative?
  • Were there other Dharma members who defected to the Others?
  • How is Richard the same age now he was when he met Ben as a kid?
  • If Richard has been around for so long with the Others, how come Ben is in charge and not him?
  • Is any of the Others supporting Ben at this point?
  • How did the Others get to the island?
  • Who goes hiking when they are seven months pregnant?
  • Was the dynamite Danielle got from the Black Rock for Jack’s plan?
  • Can the island heal a bullet wound? If so, can it hurry?

4 thoughts on “Lost Season Three: "The Man Behind The Curtain"

  1. i think ben being able to hear jacob makes him some sort of messiah, thus he is the leader. locke being able to hear jacob threatens ben’s position as leader. ben is not special, but locke is.

  2. I had thought that kid-Annie looked a whole lot like one of the women involved in “arresting” Juliet for her treasonous behavior some time ago. No?

    (Might they have only killed the grownups of Dharma?)

    And: I bet Ben hasn’t heard Jacob in juuuust long enough to make him wonder. And the fact that Jacob stopped talking to him but is now talking to Locke — is terrifying to him.

  3. The island didn’t heal bullet wounds for Ana, Libby and Shannon. But they were never made out to be as special as Locke.

  4. Oh yeah, there was the woman killed by Sun on the boat and the man killed by Juliet. I can’t remember either of their names, but they’re both thers.

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