Movie of the Week: Hot Fuzz

Here comes the Fuzz!

Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg come up with another awesome parody. What’s next: romantic comedies?

It was really slow in the beginning (it didn’t help that I was a little sleepy). I felt like they rushed Pegg’s character to the country and spent too much time revealing the villain(s).

But when it got going, wow.

The action was incredibly well-directed considering it was Wright’s first foray into this kind of filmmaking. I didn’t expect it to be so bloody though. That was a pleasant surprise.

Pegg and Nick Frost continue to be a modern day British Abbott and Costello.

Awesome cameo by my girl Cate Blachett. I don’t care what she was wearing. There’s no way I couldn’t spot her.

This movie reminded me that I need to buy Point Break already.


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