Lost Season Three: "Greatest Hits"

The Life Aquatic With Charlie Pace

What I Liked:

  • The way they built tension for next week’s finale. All the pieces are in place
  • The return of Rose and Bernard
  • Juliet wins the best line of the night award, responding to Karl telling the 815ers that Juliet is a spy: “They know Carl, but thanks!” (it was all in delivery)
  • Charlie and Desmond’s interaction throughout the episode was great.
  • Charlie’s “Greatest Hits” flashback. I hope they continue to find interesting ways to do flashbacks from this point forward
  • Charlie’s goodbye to Hurley was particularly sad
  • They almost made me not want Charlie to die

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Everything seemed a little rushed
  • Charlie lived

What We Learned:

  • There is an underwater station called The Looking Glass (more Alice in Wonderland) that is jamming all communications off of the island except for The Others
  • There was a DriveSHAFT Greatest Hits album released when the world thought Charlie was dead (despite having only two albums but hey, even the Fu-Schnickens have a greatest hits album)
  • Charlie saved Nadia (Sayid’s) from a mugger and she called him a hero
  • Bernard can shoot
  • The DS ring Charlie wears and bequeaths to Aaron doesn’t stand for DriveSHAFT but were his great-grandfather’s initials (Dexter Stratton) and was also the inspiration of the band’s name
  • Naomi is from Manchester
  • Charlie can swim (despite saying he couldn’t in season one)


  • Did it not occur to anyone that such an important station might have guards?
  • Are those guards Others? Dharma Initiative? Mermaids?
  • Why did Ben mislead the Others into believing that the Looking Glass was empty and had been flooded?
  • Why did Charlie lie in season one and say he couldn’t swim?
  • Why isn’t Claire nervous anytime Charlie goes off with Desmond knowing that Desmond gets visions of Charlie dying?
  • If Charlie dies, will Desmond still get flashes? If so, of what?
  • Why did Ben move up the time table to kidnap the women? Was he trying to distract the Others from wondering what happened to Locke?
  • I know Ben was lying this time out but does Jacob actually give Ben orders or is he some sort of boogeyman he uses to scare the Others straight?
  • Who is Nadia’s travel agent? This chick is everywhere.
  • Did Charlie ever get some from Claire?

5 thoughts on “Lost Season Three: "Greatest Hits"

  1. i had a dream about this episode last night. i was in a tent helping to rig the dynamite but a storm was coming and the ocean was really violent. we realized that the water was gonna wash up on the beach and cause the dynamite to explode so we had to hurry up out of there before we exploded too.

    this has nothing really to do with anything i just thought i’d share. and yeah why didn’t they think the underwater station would be guarded? desmond’s only gonna think charlie died, not that he’s bound and gagged.

    i’m so excited for the finale!

  2. Thank you for that illuminating dream.

    Charlie’s only hope is if Desmond goes down to retrieve his body.

  3. true.

    something from last week’s ep i think i forgot to discuss with you: how did ben & the hostiles gas dharmaville? i guess what i’m saying is how can you gas ppl in open air? wouldn’t it take a confined space for that to happen? especially that quickly? it doesn’t make sense to me.

  4. okay but if they used that many canisters then they would’ve had to leave their gas masks on for a while. and not take them off immediately after gassing folks. it’s just fishy to me.

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