Lost Season Three: "Through the Looking Glass"

In various interviews, Tim Kring, creator of Heroes, constantly went out of his way to say his show isn’t like Lost in a negative way. You know what, Tim? You should be so fucking lucky.

What I Liked:

  • As I sat at work anticipating this episode, avoiding spoilers, I tried to figure out who might die and it occurred to me that anyone could die at this point. Usually the sign a character is going to die is flashbacks come to some sort of resolution. We learn every facet of what made the person on the island. This season, we basically wrapped up everyone’s past – Locke’s dad, Kate’s dad and mom, Sayid getting forgiveness, Sawyer getting his revenge, how Jack got his tattoo (I know…who cared). The point is there was nowhere else to go so everybody was vulnerable. How I underestimated Cuse and Lindelof? The flashback is over. The flash forward begins
  • I know some people hate Jack and some people want someone to punch Jack in the face (I’m not one of them), but Matthew Fox carried this episode acting-wise from his future self, his five minutes with Ben when he thought Jin, Bernard and Sayid were killed and his final showdown with Locke. Seriously, I hope the Emmys don’t ignore Lost in the acting categories this time around.
  • There was all types of bad assery: Jack kicking Ben’s ass, Hurley’s rescue in Roger’s van, Sayid pulling a Jack Bauer, Sawyer’s revenge kill on Friendly, Locke throwing a knife in Naomi’s back and Mikhail’s underwater grenade pull
  • Two best quotes of the night
    • “If you say ‘live together, die alone’ to me, Jack, I’m gonna punch you in your face.” – Rose (after Jack told them they weren’t waiting for Sayid, Bernard and Jin)
    • “I didn’t believe him.” – Sawyer (after shooting Tom Friendly in cold blood)
  • Charlie died. Ok, I wish he didn’t die. There! Are you happy?

What I Didn’t Like:

  • I wish ABC didn’t list Malcolm David Kelly in the opening credits so Walt’s appearance would have been more of a surprise
  • Jack’s kiss with Juliet and saying “I love you” to Kate seemed out of place and pointless.
  • Jack’s AWFUL fake beard
  • I wish we got more of Locke
  • The anticlimactic reunion of Alex and Danielle
  • I’m mad at myself for not figuring out the flash forward thing sooner

What We Learned On The Island:

  • Ben was keeping the fact that Looking Glass was still functioning a secret to everyone
  • Everyone were told the girls guarding it – Greta and Bonnie – were on assignment in Canada
  • Ben was keeping Alex and Karl apart because he didn’t want her to get pregnant
  • Bernard is a bitch
  • Danielle recorded her distress signal three days before Alex was born
  • Naomi is not working for Penny
  • Jin is a poor shot with a handgun
  • Mikhail is a poor shot with a machine gun in broad daylight and a stationary target
  • Tying up and gagging Sayid does not necessarily mean he can’t kill you
  • There is a “temple” on the island
  • Walt’s ghost is about 6 inches taller than real Walt
  • Mikhail is an immortal. Ok that’s not true but it sure feels that way doesn’t it

What We Learned Off The Island:

  • Jack and Kate got off the island (!)
  • Jack became a pill-popping drunk
  • While trying to jump off a bridge, he caused a woman driving with her son to crash her car. Jack saved their life
  • Jack attends a funeral for someone that both him and Kate knew
  • Oceanic Airlines gave the survivors unlimited miles which Jack uses hoping to crash on the island
  • Kate has a “he” to go home to
  • Jack is trying to get back on the island.


  • How did they get off the island?
  • Who didn’t get off the island?
  • What “mistake” is Jack tired of “lying about”?
  • Who’s funeral was that? (My guess: Ben)
  • Who is the “he” Kate has to go home to?
  • Is Jack’s father alive?
  • Is this the absolute future or a possible future?
  • Was that Jacob appearing as Walt?
  • After all the things that have happened to Locke, now he decides to kill himself?
  • Who is Naomi working for?
  • I know Charlie thought he was going to die but why did he rat out Juliet as his source for finding the underwater hatch? What if he ruined everything with his big fucking mouth?
  • Is Mikhail really dead this time?
  • Did Charlie close the door on himself to make Desmond’s vision come true saving Claire in his mind or was he too sodding stupid to realize a) he had enough time to get on the other side of that door or b) the moon pool in the other room would have slowed the flooding to a crawl giving them plenty of time to escape?
  • How badass is Sayid and Sawyer?
  • Will Desmond still get visions? If so, what will he see now?
  • what and where is the temple Alpert is leading the remaining Others too?
  • Why has Ben been lying to his own people and jamming their communications off the island?
  • Why is the cast of NBC’s Las Vegas invading Lost? will James Caan be playing Jacob?
  • Seriously, did another black character have get killed off the show?
  • Can Cuse and Lindelof pull this off?
  • Can I survive until February 2008 without Lost?

4 thoughts on “Lost Season Three: "Through the Looking Glass"

  1. Man, I’ma be fiending like Pookie until next season. I kind of figured that Pill Popping Jack’s segments were set in the future. The thing that threw me off was he kept talking about his dad. I think Sawyer’s either the guy in the closed casket or the guy Kate is going home to. I just don’t see Ben making it off the island alive at all.

  2. My new theory that the “He” Kate is going home to is her son.

    You think pill-popping Jack is that far in the future? That Kate would not only have a child, but that said child would be old enough and conscious of the world enough to wonder where she was? I have doubts.

  3. It’s possible that dead person is Locke. But then again, I don’t see him leaving the island alive either…

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