Movie of the Week: Ocean’s 13

I hate the Ocean’s franchise for two reasons:

  1. Every time I watch these movies, I feel that my wardrobe if woefully inadequate and I become very vulnerable to buying expensive clothes I’ll probably never find a reason to wear.
  2. I can watch an Ocean’s movie ANY TIME THEY ARE TV and it is a drain on my life. Anytime TNT or HBO run Ocean’s 11 or 12, I will watch it. It doesn’t matter what point of the movie it is. If I am not already watching something in particular, I will watch Danny Ocean and crew.

Anyway, this movie was better than second but not as good as the first. It started slow when they were setting up the plan against Pacino’s Willie Bank (probably as restrained as you’ll see Pacino) but once they start executing, it becomes fun with a lot of throwbacks to the first two films.

Don Cheadle gets the shaft that Bernie Mac got in Ocean’s 12 as the character with the least screen time. At least it spares us from one of the worst British accents in cinematic history.


5 thoughts on “Movie of the Week: Ocean’s 13

  1. Why don’t you write a book? I would leave out the movie reviews but the rest of your blog entries are very entertaining.

  2. I would O Anonymous One, but then my inability to describe things, limited personal lexicon and bad grammar would be exposed at a mass level.

    Here I only have to impress/distract 6-10 people at any given montj

  3. not everyone is Mary Shelly and take an entire chapter describing a day and a scene. As for the bad grammar that is why the Lord invited the editor. you should write

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